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Help my 45 year old mother-in-law learn computers?

Asked by juliaa (16points) September 28th, 2008

Mother-in-laws recent career change required that she use a PC and internet. When she started the new job I’m getting almost daily calls with questions about very basic PC functionality. Any ideas on how to help her?

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There are several ways to learn how to use a PC. I assume she is using Windows? If she has a computer at home have her go online. There are several sites designed to help naive people learn windows. Have her also talk to her company. Many times they have classes that are offered to help their employees. YTI if she is willing to go back to school. I think they have on online program. Also there are many community colleges that have these types of classes. The best suggestion would be to, if she doesn’t already have a computer, tell her to get one or buy her one, you can buy really cheap used computers, and have her work online at night when she goes home.

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@juliaa, is her only access to a computer at work, or does she have one at home too? There are many software programs and books to help out…just wandering if she can use them at work.

I would suggest the For Dummie books and cd series…they are direct and to the point and in a good price range. You can probably find them locally at your bookstore, so she wouldn’t have to order them and she can get started quickly. Or if you do have to order… go to Ebay or Amazon for a good price.
In the meantime you can google and many sites come up for free learning…one is, it will take her through the basics. I don’t know how much time she has to learn it, but these would be the fastest, most cost effective and efficient.

example Windows Vista For Dummies
Office 2007 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
PC for Dummies
Computers for Seniors for Dummies

Good Luck!

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I’d recommend that she enroll in a Computer Basics course at a local Adult Education outlet in her community. They are both thorough and inexpensive.

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For really cheap, you can buy these tri-fold cards that have many common tasks for WIN/MAC/OFFICE. They only cost about 2–6 bucks a piece and are really handy!

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Got a link for the tri-fold cards?

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You usually find them at College Campus bookstores, but you can find them on amazon, among other places.

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@juliaa, I don’t have any suggestions beyond what has already been said. I just wanted to say ouch! In your topics line you wrote “teach computers to seniors”. She’s only 45, give us crones a break, we aren’t quite seniors yet! ;>) I’m extra sensitive having just turned the big 5–0! It’s the new 49 ya know!

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