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Vinyl siding and trim paint question.

Asked by syz (35649points) September 28th, 2008

I have vinyl siding and have spent the last three days painting the wooden window framing (that had horribly peeling paint and even a little wood rot). Now, in an incredibly foresightful manner, I’m wondering about the aluminum trim. It looks terrible compared to the freshly painted wood and the caulk is discolored and dingy. The whole house needs to be power washed, and that may help, but can I paint on metal (now that I’m done)? Will it bubble up or flake?

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AsktheBuilder recommends cleaning it first, then using thinned oil-based paint as a first coat, and then apply a finish coat of paint.

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Are you talking about the aluminum overtop of your fascia board?

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I think so. It’s the sill and frame around the window that is not made of wood. I thought it was probably constructed in white, but it looks like it actually has a layer of paint on it. It’s a different material than the actual siding.

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I believe you are actually referring to part of your window frame. Likely this is aluminum but if it is galvanized steel you don’t want to paint it with any oil based paint. You would want to use something latex based. LIke Marina said you need to clean it first or your paint will absolutely begin to peel off within a couple months if not weeks. Use detergent and a scrubbing pad. If this trim was painted before you don’t need to prime. After you prime or before your first coat you need to sand with 150 grit between coats. If you don’t want to have to ever repaint this again you can get someone to come out and paint your windows with liquid vinyl.

Good Luck.

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When you have an older house, and you install vinyl siding, the installer will usually wrap the wooden trim around the windows with aluminum. On my house, with white vinyl siding, they used white (factory painted) aluminum to wrap the wood trim. The white painted aluminum would most likely start looking shabby first. (ever had a house with aluminum siding? Same principal) To paint the aluminum trim, preparation is the key. Clean well, use a good primer, and a good finish coat.

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