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Talking to a guy on the phone?

Asked by thatswhatshesaid (65points) September 28th, 2008 from iPhone

how on earth does one go about doing this? I mean, what do I talk about if it’s my first time tlking to him on the phone? I would text, but that seems like such a chicken move. Bleh.

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I don’t know your age, nor his, but I will assume that each of you is under 21.

If so, boys like to talk about what they know most about, and that’s themselves.

Ask the guy questions about what he likes and does not like, especially regarding food, and he will take it from there and monopolize the entire conversation.

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Yep. ask questions..keep it simple. Pretend you’re interested and not nervous…

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hmm. assuming the same as JackA, jsut ask him how he’s doing. if he answers like most guys would (with and “i’m alright” “fine” “i’m just chillin”), ask him what he did this weekend and specify that you don’t want to hear him say “oh, nothing”. keep a light cheery mood. if things go silent, be bold and just ask if he wants to hang out! it’s always more comfortable in person anyways.

at least for me.

good luck!

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Here are some suggested questions, to keep the conversation going. Print them out and keep them near the phone, while you are talking to him, and if things go silent, just glance at this list and ask something from it:

01. What kind of movies do you like to watch in the theatre (cinema)?

02. What kind of music concerts do you enjoy?

03. If you could visit any city on Earth for one week, which one would it be?

04. Do you have any idea who might win the election?

05. Do you like NASCARĀ®?

06. Do you enjoy watching WWE wrestling on TV?

07. What’s your favorite football team?

08. What was the vacation that you enjoyed the most? Where did you go?

09. [If students] What courses are you taking, this semester?

10. [If not students] Would you like to go back to school, if the opportunity presented itself?

Hopefully, if those questions are not appropriate for your circumstances, perhaps they will inspire other questions, or one answered question will lead to another question, related to the one that was answered.

Good luck!

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well im a guy and i know i ask random questions, to girls, for example

“pancakes or waffles?”

maybe it works the other way around too..

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It might.

Sure wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

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haha hope things turn out well =]

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DONT stutter. thats the number one rule. ask questions about stuff like sports, them, food, them, music and did i already mention THEM. boys are so up themselvles. ask them who their first crush was. they will answer the mirror.

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