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Who believes that the U.S.,Canada and Mexico are forming a North American Union?

Asked by StopTheNwo (9points) September 28th, 2008

This is all of the net and has even been briefly mentioned on television. No more Dollar the new money the Amero?

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Ive been talking about it for at least 2 years. I believe it is on its way. Wheres Judi??? She already bought an Amero for her husband!!

I truly believe that the “Federal” reserve was set up to last less than 100 years, becoming nonexistant to set up a one world govt. I must be crazy. Bush did mention security and prosperity in his last speech at the UN.

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It’s a fact in my book, a disturbing one.

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I would not be surprised at all. It’d solve the illegal immigration issue.

God, what a mess that would be…...

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You must be one of those crazy conspiracy theorists.

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There is absolutely no evidence from credible sources that this is happening. There is no impetus for this to happen economically or politically.

“I saw it on the Internet“does not make something gospel. In fact, it should be a red flag for caution and fact-checking.

There are so many real problems in the world to be concerned about, why make new fake ones up?

@chris6137 Just because you say it first to fend it off, doesn’t mean it isn’t true that you are a crazy conspiracy theorist.

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Like Kevbo has been saying, I do not think that all that has been happening has been a mistake. If you research Rumsfeld and Cheney, you will see that they have been involved in what has been going on in this country for some time (since Ford) . I truly believe that everything has been happening on purpose, with good reason, at least for them.

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Gosh, I hope not!!! Many people get their life saving and not so life saving medications from Mexico and Canada at a fraction of the cost of what the USA charges. I’d would really hate it for these people who depend on these countries to be able to afford their medications.

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@chris6137 Yeah, so? I saw nothing in there about forming a union, nothing about using a single currency. Not one thing, BECAUSE IT WASN’T THERE.

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Of course its not on that site. Its the steps that are obvious that I have been saying for years. I still cant figure out what is going on, but when our country goes bankrupt, which will probably be blamed on the dems(Obama), and this happens, please take into consideration all of the “conspiracy theories” I have been mentioning.

Check these out though:

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Well ya know they do say Bush has already signed something on it… I think they are trying to, but I don’t know if it will really happen.

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It is a fact that the website exists. How come none of MSM has reported on it, Marina??
Regardless of how serious this partnership is, how come most have heard nothing of it?

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@chris6137 I do not think the steps are obvious. I think that you are making huge leaps and inferences with no data from a fairly innocuous fact.

We have things in common with our continental neighbors, waterways and airspace; trade with each other so that our trucks are on the others’ highways, for example. These common interests make information sharing and regular meetings logical and highly desirable.

It is a huge, unsupported leap to go from there to a North American Union.

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Believe me, I hope you are right. I do not want to be right about anything I speak about. Since I have been exposed to my point of view, it has all been happening. Search my questions and answers for the last 2 years…. Everything I have been taking about has been happening. I hope Im wrong. I have a good job and make more than almost anyone I come in contact with.I do not want to be right, but from my perspective, only following politics for the last 3 years, I see a big conspiracy going on since at least Ford(where Rumsfeld, Cheney, and GW Bush have been seriously involved) to narrow the world down to a EU, Asian U, And NAU. It would create 3 governing bodies, on its way to 1.

Has your license and passport become digitalized over the past few years?? Have you seen an increase of surveillance cameras in you area? Have you tried flying lately??

Sure, it is all in the name of security, but it is really just taking away our freedoms.

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It’s amazing what people will believe.

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Ok, I do not believe this is actually happening. For the sake of argument, let’s just say it is. Why, in your opinion, would it automatically be a terrible thing? Couldn’t it lead to some good outcomes, just as easily as bad?

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@Marina, re “why make new ones up,” how should we end world hunger? Should every American sponsor a child for $.50 a day or should we expose how corporations and our government collude to displace citizens of developing nations to basically steal their natural resources? Should we support a war on terror because Osama bin Laden, who has managed to elude the world’s most advanced fighting force for seven years, hates our freedom, or postulate that there are other motives that are supported by evidence such as who has profited from this war far and above the salaries and equipping of our soldiers?

Which is the real problem and which is fake?

(I also would love to eat my words. I would seriously be overjoyed.)

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I agree with kevbo. If the middle east was known for growing brocolli and not for it’s oil, do you really think we would be where we are today? We are the terrorists and our leaders are creating terror to have control.

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