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Is there a talent or skill you always wished you had?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) February 28th, 2009

Such as:

Playing an instrument?
Being good at math?
Learning another language?

What have you always wished you could do but have never been able?

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not being soooooo sexy. it’s a curse, really.

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LOL@ gummy bears in the topics, cute.
I wish I could sing instead of sounding like a cat in heat.

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I wish I could sew. I just can’t seem to work the machines, and making a quilt by hand would take forever.

ubersiren's avatar

Anything! I’m very mediocre at a lot of things, but not really “talented” at any of them. I would love love love to have a talent in music.

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@laureth I can’t even sew a button.

I would love to be crafty and make stuff easily. Maybe be able to paint.

I would also like to be able to dance. Just to save face and not feel like a moron.

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I wish I could code. :(

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I suppose some out-of-the-box creativity, or sense for art – everything I’ve ever written or drawn was done in a very technical manner, no methaphores and such.

Bri_L's avatar

I would love to be able to play an instrument.

Sakata's avatar

@Bri_L So I guess you’re not counting the skin flute?

Baloo72's avatar

I have always wished I could do the wolf whistle.

cookieman's avatar

Play Piano

I hope to learn someday before I’m pushing up daisies.

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The singing thing. It is literally illegal for me to sing in the presence of others, something about assault and battery on eardrums.<:{

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I could be such an amazing rock star, if only I could sing.
I think I would be happy to be great at anything though, even something obscure.

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I am fascinated by language. I’ve always wanted to be multilingual but I don’t have the talent to learn a spoken language easily. Although I feel I am comfortable enough to read around five languages (not perfectly), the only language besides English I can speak is Spanish, and I am by no means fluent. And that’s only come about by a lot of practice.

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I wish I could do voice impressions.

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@Sakata hehe nope. My wife plays piano so I find the idea of learning that intimidating. I would really like to try either the banjo or the violine.

@galileogirl You kill me! I am forbidden to do my Sean Connery impersonation.

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I would love to be able to cause instantaneous orgasm by whistling The Andy Griffith Show theme.

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I’m with cprevite, I would love to be able to play the piano.

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@Blondesjon That’s just lazy!

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@galileogirl he didn’t say WHERE he’d whistle it.

Blondesjon's avatar

@galileogirl…I was thinking in terms of being in a crowded elevator…

galileogirl's avatar

I’m not talking where, I’m talking why…OOh you mean whistling a solo…euwww.

JoeyDesignsStuff's avatar

I’ve tried teaching myself to play a few different instruments but I don’t seem to have the understanding that some of my friends have. Some things come naturally to me, but music isn’t one of them. Wish it did.

Blondesjon's avatar

To clear it up for those of you without sufficiently dirty minds, the whistling power works on anyone within hearing range of the whistling. It does not work on the whistler.

@galileogirlmy ejaculate takes offense at your euwww. i demand satisfaction! pistols at dawn?

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Not if it means taking an elevator, I don’t live on the 1st floor

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

Being flexible.

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Like others on the this thread, I cannot sew. It’s shameful how bad I am…I’ve tried. I’ve retired my needle and thread.

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The sewing thing is funny. The Army actually issues all soldiers a sewing kit but I never knew anyone who knew how to use the damn thing. Usually got tossed out or “lost” within the first couple weeks if not sooner.


cak's avatar

@Sakata – after a traumatic experience with a button falling off, mid-interview, I vowed to never attempt to sew on a button, again. I am awesome with hot glue, super glue, staples, hammer and nails and I can even weld. Don’t hand me a needle and thread. It isn’t a good thing.

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Hm, I always wanted to be an uber hacker. I never had an agenda I just wanted to mess with people. I tried figuring that stuff out but then I discovered girls. And the rest was history.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

Play an instrument extremely well. (Going to try.)
Learn another language fluently. (Going to try.)
Be a math genius. (Never gonna happen!)
Be able to draw/paint extremely well. (I do both already, but I want to be even better.)

Sakata's avatar

@LKidKyle1985 I know what you mean. Always thought it would be sweet to PM some interweb douche with something like “Hey Mark Davis of Streetsburg, MO I suggest you stop before I destroy your world.” lol

tiffyandthewall's avatar

oh i’m not picky. i’ve always wished for just about any talent/skill haha.

i’d love to be a really really talented writer or painter though.
oh, or a ballerina! i completely lack the grace that you need for that though.

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I once saw a man ride a unicycle in the nude while reciting The Tempest, admittedly it’s one of his shorter plays yet I still couldn’t help but become awash in envy.

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@Jamspoonlurve for “awash in envy.”

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I love to sing…I do it quite a bit for church, so I’m happy with my voice. And I play the piano, but I wish I could REALLY play it better than I do.

RandomMrdan's avatar

-Play Piano
-Speak at least 4 languages fluently
-Play Guitar
-Learn how to fly planes and helicopters
-Learn how to ride a motorcycle

To name a few off the top of my head. But of the list, I think learning how to be a pilot would be the most fun.

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I always wished I could write music (I’m a classically trained pianist, but the creative gene skipped me) or draw/paint.

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I really wish I could play the piano. I took lessons when I was a kid, but they never quite took. If I had the time, I would take it up again.

Besides that, there are several languages I wish I knew or knew better—mostly European ones like Greek and German, but I would also like to study Japanese. And I’d like to be really fluent in French. I studied quite a lot of it in school, but since I never went to a French-speaking country until I was fifty, I never really developed a fluency.

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To be able to piss straight up in the air and not get wet.

augustlan's avatar

I’m with the piano crew. I was the only kid I knew who begged for piano lessons. Sadly, my family was poor… piano lessons were way down on the priorities list!

essieness's avatar

@augustlan That’s too bad :( I was the kid that didn’t want to take lessons and then ended up loving it. I guess mother really does know best.

Sakata's avatar

I had to take piano lessons. The woman teacher kicked me out of her house during the 1st lesson and told me to never come back. I was 10.

Bluefreedom's avatar

I’ve always wanted to be able to play the Saxophone. I think it is one of the coolest instruments ever.

And I wish I could do math better. I’ve never been good at it.

essieness's avatar

@Sakata What the hell? Please expound…

AlfredaPrufrock's avatar

I wish I could sing like KD Lang, instead of Kermit.

Sakata's avatar

@essieness She was a VERY strict, uptight, old woman. I knew how to play Happy Birthday and wanted to show her (I guess to demonstrate my ability level *shrug). We got into an argument about it and… ta-da… no more piano for me.

For the record, I can still play Happy Birthday on just about anything that makes music, but that’s still ALL I can play lol

essieness's avatar

@Sakata See, that’s exactly why I’ve always wanted to be a piano teacher and run a good sized studio… to eliminate the negative perception of piano teachers and piano lessons that people like THAT lady give to the art. So many people I know that took lessons had a teacher like that and it does nothing to boost the interest. I’d love to make piano lessons “cool” again!

Happy Birthday comes in handy more often that Debussy, I can assure you ;)

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I wish I could express what I’m thinking in a way people could fully understand.

Elumas's avatar

I would be more focused.

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Being a good leader.

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I wish to be able to memorize things. For the life of me, I can’t remember lines or poems or song lyrics. I once failed a portion of a plays class, because I couldn’t do the play we were supposed to act in.

I remember other things, like sound. I can’t remember names; not just of people, but of things and concepts.

What kills me, is that my daughter seems to be able to memorize things almost instantly. Must come from my wife, ‘cause it certainly doesn’t come from me.

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right now I wish i could juggle with more than two balls so i could impress my two year old.

saranwrapper's avatar

I wish I was a great dancer. I mean like every style and I could just whip that out at parties. Either that or an amazing rapper. If only….

desiree333's avatar

I wish I could sing, I wish I could dance, and I wish I was good at science.

onesecondregrets's avatar

I wish I was someone who knew what I wanted out of life, and how to get it.
Also, I wish I were able to wrap my head around finances and how to keep myself financially stable and make it happen.

shockvalue's avatar

I wish I were able to wrap my head around quantum physics.

onesecondregrets's avatar

@shockvalue ..perhaps you should talk to Einstein ‘bout that one.

nebule's avatar

I also wish I would stop meeting men that have major problems in there life… maybe i should just stop meeting men??

wundayatta's avatar

@lynneblundell Don’ worry. Be happy!

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I wish i could dance a bit better.


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@daloon I’m getting there again xx not worrying and being happy i mean x

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Whistling. Humming just doesn’t cut it, most of the time.

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thinking of good questions on Fluther that get like 50 responses

Elumas's avatar

@Nathanael Ask this: “What color is your room?”

Nathanael's avatar

@Elumas Like a bluish White

Elumas's avatar

@Nathanael No, man ask it on fluther.

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I would love to be able to entertain people and put a show on for them, make them tap there toes,bang there head, maybe even dance?

So singing/playing would nice…I’d love to get a hang on the piano and bit and become better at alto sax, and be able to have great melodies/chord progressions that blend really well.

or even a master composer of the sorts like Bach!, to have that kind of power over music brillant! even though I mostly play UBER cliche guitar rock music hahaha.

I’d even like to have a chat with Edvard Grieg the man who wrote hall of mountain king.

also…ont the singing/playing part I like to jump around genres so I must be flexible!

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I wish i could face some of my pains without running away.

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I would love to have a good singing voice and not be so tonedeaf. I love to sing but no one else loves when I do, for good reason. My husband forgives me.

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I’d love to be able to whistle. I can’t. /sad face/

shpadoinkle_sue's avatar

social butterfly-ness.

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@PacificToast, I used to have that same problem. Just keep practicing! You’ll get it eventually.

I wish I had photographic memory, and I wish I could shift my form so I could turn into, say, a bird, at will.

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I always wanted to be a maths genius, but my grades were always shocking even after trying hard, so I ended up hating it

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I always wish to be good at sport. Sport is a nightmare to me just because I’m so bad and unfortunately it is also a subject. I just don’t want sport to prevent me from graduating.

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