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If you were given the chance to take the life you've been given...

Asked by googlybear (1822points) September 28th, 2008

…or take whatever’s behind Door 2 (could be really good, really bad, or something in between) would you give up everything you’ve got too see what your other life could have been like?

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No, I’ve had some bad times, but the good out weigh the bad. I wouldn’t change anything.

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No I wouldn’t. It’s a 50–50 chance, but I wouldn’t even want the reallly good life either. My life, both the good and bad, is what defines me. By wanting someone else’s life, I would be wanting to change myself and my core principles.

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I have no regrets.

Without the incredible experiences of my past (no matter how dreadful many were)

I would NEVER allow on second of it to be changed.

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I am a product of my life, the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m pretty darn happy with who I am. I would also be giving up my children and friends. So, no. Not a chance.

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No because I feel like I have control over the life I’m in now. I would hate to leave my life in the hands of chance.

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Considering all of the physical and emotional abuse I endured at the hands of my mother’s husband, I would eagerly go for the door, because nothing behind it could ever be remotely worse, than the childhood I had.

Trust me on this: It is a truly unique experience, to be whipped with an electrical extension cord, or a cornstalk, or a garden hoe, or a rake, or a tree branch.

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No, it might not be perfect but my life right now? It’s mine. I made the mistakes, I made the triumphs, and I’m fairly proud of it. Plus, I’m happy now, why mess that up?

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@Jack So sorry to hear that. But, you over came it all and I’m a firm beleiver in ‘what doesn’t kill you; makes you stronger.’

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I wouldn’t trade my life for anything! Period!

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I’m a firm believer in “What doesn’t kill you, makes you pissed!” LOL

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I would like to stick with the life I have because I have invested so much time and energy into getting to a point where I am comfortable with myself and my surroundings. I had a classic childhood but my teenage years were turbulent and I spent my young adult life soul searching. I can say I learned a lot from those years and they formed me into who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing and I would like to continue on the path that I started.

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JackA: What doesn’t kill you, makes you uniquely JackAdams.

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It’s kinda funny…I’ve asked this question on another site, askville, and love to ask my friends this in real life – each time it’s about 90% of people who will stay with the life they’ve been given and 10% who would be willing to take a chance behind door #2. Personally, I would stick with the life I’ve been given because I couldn’t imagine my life being different….

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If it was just me, I’d check out door number 2. but I wouldn’t give up my daughter for anything, so I’ll stick with this one.

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i think i’d want to check out #2. why not? it’s not like giving up anything currently, you’d be starting over again in different circumstances.

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Never! I am very content with my life and wouldn’t change it for anything.

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