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How can I set Gmail to check my pop accounts more frequently?

Asked by alabare (282points) August 10th, 2007

I may be blind, but I'll be darned if I can find a setting that lets me tell gmail to check my pop accounts more often. Any thoughts?

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I've looked for this parameter / setting too but have never found it.

The only thing I've ever found is the "Check Mail Now" link in the Gmail Settings --> Accounts page (in the "Get mail from other accounts" section). Unfortunately, you still have to manually click those links each time.

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Why don't you configure your Gmail account into a mail app and rely on that? Much better than constantly trying to manaing you mail entirely through a browser.

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@Spargett -- I can't speak for alabare, but in my case -- I work on three different machines in the course of any given day, and I find it more convenient to have everything on the web and accessible from any machine.

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Try this. Should be useful for Windows AND Mac users. (Mac will have to link to Lifehacker)

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