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What are some great applications for my iPhone?

Asked by Grouchoss (6points) August 11th, 2007 from iPhone
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WordBreaker (word game)
Bejeweled (game)
Google Reader (RSS reader)
OneTrip (shopping list)
Ta-Da Lists (to-do lists) (movie showtimes and more)
Meebo (chat client)
FlickIM (AIM chat)
iPhone Sports (sports scores)
Rock Me (hold it up at a concert)
and of course...

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add iRovr to that list:
and BeeJive:

sndfreQ's avatar is a good interface that lets u link to many iPhone apps-and constantly beong added to.

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Lights Off – the first native iPhone game – was just released by Lucas Newman and Adam Betts. Since it's a native application, you will need to download the package and install it using jailbreak. (Instructions can be found on the site.)

An NES emulator was also recently released and Apple-supported games are on the way according to an article in yesterday's New York Post.

Ghastly_Panic's avatar – This website has a numorous amount of iPhone compatable web apps. This website has a really nice interface and makes it easy for to find exactly what you are looking for by keeping everything separated into categories. You can even create an account so that when you find web apps that you really like, you can add them as favorites so you won’t have to go looking for them again. This is just some of many features this website has to offer!

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