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What are some apps you could recommend?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) January 10th, 2015

So now that I have a tablet, I’ve discovered the “Play Store”, which has tons and tons of apps. A lot of them are kind of bullshitty though. I’m not interested in games like Candycrush or Angry Birds. Can anyone recommend any cool apps, free or paying, doesn’t matter.
There are so many, it would take me years to go through them. So far I have the PlayStation app, Dragon Age Wiki and a trivia thing which is cool. What else is there that’s cool?
Thanks yall.

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I have a star finder app called Starwalk for my Apple product; I am sure there are some for your tablet. I like being able to see what stars will be where. I also like Moonrise, so I can see what the phases of the moon will be on a given day, and the sun and moon rise and set times are.

If you live near the ocean, consider getting a tide calendar app.

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I second the recommendation of a stargazing app (I have one called Star Chart for my iPad) – be sure to get one that shows you the constellations when you hold it up against the sky, and with a “night mode” so you can still see the stars while reading the app. There are several out there.

I also have a translation app called Word Lens, which instantly translates text if you hover the tablet (or phone) over it. It’s not perfect, obviously, but it’s impressive and fun.

And I have an app called Zite that gathers articles from all manner of sources, according to my preferences.

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Vicky The Viking: Contest Of The Chieftains by Studio100

I mean, its for little kids, but dude, its fucking Vicky :D

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Depends what you’re looking for and use, really. Are you interested in games at all? I am partial to two, Hoplite, which is a board-gameish game where you move a Greek fighter (probably Jason though they don’t say explicitly) down floors and past demons on a quest for the golden fleece. Very good and the free version is a great game and a full game in it’s own. And they’ll never ask you for money, though more things open up if you give them a little. More free-to-play is Puzzle & Dragons, which does have micro-transactions and an unfortunate ‘Stamina’ system, but is a really good game (think Pokemon mixed with Bejeweled) which you can easily play without ever giving them money. After six months and hundreds of hours and being quite good in the game I only now gave them money because seriously, after that much game they deserve it.

Less gamey, I’ve found apps for my various credit cards are very handy to keep track of everything on the go. Depends on your credit card company, but most have good apps. Similarly, Square Wallet and Softcard (formerly ISIS. They decided they should change the name recently >.<) are handy if you want the ability to pay for things without actually getting out your wallet.

If you listen to Podcasts, I can’t recommend Podcast Addict enough. Very, very good app with lots of options to keep your podcasts sorted and automatically keep them up to date and ready to listen to.

While it’s most likely already on your tablet, Google Calendar is a godsend if you have lots of appointments or, like me, are just terrible at keeping them. Similar for Google Maps.

And miscellaneous, depending on your usage, I use a grocery list app called ‘Out of Milk’ which is decent, handy when I forget what I need and keeps track of prices if you input them, so you can budget easily. I use Feedly, if you use an rss reader for blogs and articles and the like Feedly is a good program for that and having on a mobile device is nice. The Dropbox app is handy if you use it. If you’re like me and use a calculator a lot getting one that’s better than the standard is nice, I use MobiCalc, which occasionally asks for money but it mostly just a really good full-function scientific calculator. Depending on where you live, if you take buses lots of systems now have apps where you can track buses, always nice. If you like music, I also really like subscriptions services, I use Rhapsody, personally, but there are lots and they will let you stream tons of music, ad free, for a monthly fee, and they all have good mobile apps. Screen Filter is random but handy: allows you to tune your screen’s brightness much better than the standard options. Handy for, say, bringing your brightness really low if you’re somewhere dark and don’t want to disturb others, or if you like having the screen on for a nightstand clock, as I do.

So… yeah… I have a few >.>

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Camscanner makes excellent copies of paper documents.

The days of looking for a fax machine or Xerox machine are over.

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@BhacSsylan Looks like there is no longer a free version of Hoplite. :(

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I think I have an ‘app’ addiction. I don’t have my phone with me but I’ll go through it and make a list of things I actually use and fine helpful.

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@dappled_leaves Oh, i see, you’re on a iPad. Yeah, apparently Hoplite isn’t free there, couldn’t tell you why. Totally worth the $1.99, though, in my opinion.

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@BhacSsylan I’ll admit I’m tempted, though not sure if I’m tempted enough to break my “never pay for apps” rule. It has protected me from a downward spiral to addiction so far… ;)

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@dappled_leaves Heh, understandable. Know any friends with android whose device you can steal for a bit? :-p

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My fav app is graph89 which is a ti-89 emulator. Scanner radio turns your phone into an all frequency scanner that can tune in any city. You’ll want a QR code reader and one of the many “flashlight” apps if your tablet has a camera with flash. SNAV is probably the best free GPS app. I also like torque to read the OBDII codes for my vehicles. Wifi analyzer is a good wifi sniffer and it’s helpful when setting up wireless networks because it allows you to see which wifi channels everyone around you is using. Tunein radio and youtube are mandatory for any android device. Urbanspoon is handy when looking for a place to eat. Most of the ones I keep serve an actual, practical purpose. So many in the playstore are in fact bullshitty.

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@BhacSsylan Honestly, if I’d had the choice, I’d have bought an Android tablet – but I actually ended up with this one for free, so I’m going to count my blessings and deal with it. :)

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Monument Valley – it’s on Android and iOS.

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Doom and Destiny
Zenonia 2 (the other ones aren’t as good; 2 is the only one that you can play without an active internet connection)
Droid48 – a perfect port of my faithful HP 48G,,, which is far superior to the TI-89 :p
exPDF Reader Pro – The best of it’s kind

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You could also just load both calculator emulators. The HP 49 would probably a fair comparison to the ti-89 but not the 48. My goto calculator in the absence of my phone is the Casio 115es

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@ARE_you_kidding_me We’ll see what shape your physical TI-89 is in 25 years from now :D
Seriously though, the TI-89 and Casio UI is what ruins it for me, I prefer RPN, and the less said about the 49/50-series, the better. When I want something that my HP can’t do, I use this.

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@jerv My daughter and I were talking last week.

I recalled that a good friend in high school was one of the first people to get a calculator and use it in school. I remember he used most of the savings from working all the summer months to afford it. It was about 7” x 7” x1” thick. I don’t recall the brand but it was one of the better ones on the market doing not only the big four functions but also squares and square roots as well. There was major resistance from the teachers over his use of it in class.
By the time my daughter was in high school both my daughter and I recalled searching all over town for the requisite TI-89 needed for class. It was listed on the school supply list and they were bought up as soon as they hit the store. It cost less than the one my schoolmate had purchase all those many years ago and, in addition to square roots, it could probably have maneuvered the lunar lander into position.

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It seems that most of those who prefer TI over HP do so simply because more people prefer TI over HP, meaning that TI users who can’t figure it out have an easier time finding help. Read the top 3 reviews here) and you’ll see I’m not the only one who thinks that TI is popular because it’s in the textbooks rather than on any actual merits
“The TI 84 outshines competitor HP 50g and all other calculators on our matrix almost solely because of its widespread acceptance in the educational world. It may lack a little in the features and compatible subjects, but it is immensely valuable in a classroom where the teacher and textbook are both assuming you’re using this model”
It all boils down to how efficient you want to be, like whether you want to get 4 with 2 + 2 = versus 2 2 +, and how many hoops you want to jump through to write a simple program. Between RPN, the built-in Equation Writer, Equation Library, Solver and MSolv applications, the simplicity of RPL for “quick and dirty” things that aren’t covered by those, many (myself included) find the 48G/GX better than any TI… or even the newer HPs. Once you leave the classroom, the TI will be trashed, whether because one no longer needs a high-end calculator, or because HP is better at real work.

The Apollo 11 mission used a 70 pound computer with ~7Kb of hardwired ROM and ~4Kb of something that is roughly like RAM, and ran at ~2MHz, making it considerably less powerful than my 22-year-old $100 calculator, or a TI-89, and many levels below a TI nSpire or HP Prime, while a smartphone has more computing power than was available in total in Earth during WWII. The Enigma Cipher that caused so many issues in WWII is now an Android app. Computing has advanced greatly.

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Get the IMDB app – for looking up Movie shit,
The SHAZAM app – in case you hear a song…and can’t remember the damn name or who the fuck sings it
and the EBAY app, so you can buy a bunch of cool shit.
TRIVIA CRACK so you can play your friends. All of these are free.

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