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The 'children of christ' group has hired a somewhat well know 'biologist' to give a talk on intelligent design. Is it legal to film it (for the purposes of debunking and youtubing later)?

Asked by delirium (13705points) October 2nd, 2008

This quack is really obnoxious. I’d enjoy putting the talk in its place. He has a habit of using big words to say little things, and doing a very careful bait-and-switch with his uneducated audience. He touts around the ‘fact’ that he’s published 600 articles…. which is realllllly stretching the meaning of ‘article’.
I’m not intending to crash their silly party… i’m just intending to rip it to pieces later. I have my doubts that its going to be hard to do.

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I would do it with the full intentions of capturing the talk for future generations. If you film it in the best way possible and distribute it to the people involved, you will have ‘done well’ by them.

Then if you also happen to release it to the internet, it’ll get debunked and cut up so fast that you won’t know what happened. And of course, you released it to the net to further the cause.

That’s the approach that I would take.

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Is this person giving his talk at a University, or some other setting where the public can attend?

I would just approach the guy and ask his permission to videotape his remarks, offering to give him a copy of the tape. He’d probably be flattered.

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I like Jack’s idea, but I would want to document his permission somehow to protect myself.

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Videotape his permission.

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What is his name? I would love to look him up.

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If the talk is open to the public and there are no restictions (handed out in a program or said orally) against taping, then go for it.

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If you think they are not already aware, may I suggest that you also make a post at Internet infidels ( outlining who, where, and when this is going to take place. Their evolution/creation forum is a very good starting point for getting the word out. It’s always best if there is a reasonable contingent of people in the audience who actually understand evolution and the brain numbing silliness of ID.

Also if you doubt his credentials, or his statements about the number of articles he has written that are actually relevant to the issue at hand, do a search on Web of Science and link it to evolution or intelligent design. It provides a very fast and pretty accurate indication of how silly his claims may be. I have worked with insanely prolific scientists and if you’re pushing over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers you’re pretty bloody impressive.


If you don’t have access to ISI Web of science, or a similar database of journals publications, chuck me his details and I can run it for you.

Also I don’t see the harm of posting details here as well, but perhaps your caution is for a reason?

By they way, film recording can always be anonymous you know. Dress as a nun…..;)

(also if you had to, sound recording does get to the heart of the issue…but is admitedly less easy to promote on free media outlets like you tube)

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The name of the guy is Jerry Bergman. I’ll post a picture of the sign w/ the details.

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“Jerry Bergman was reared by an atheist father and a religiously indifferent mother who became a follower of Jehovah’s Witnesses when he was 8 years old. Some time later, he was disillusioned with all religion and followed his father into atheism. As an atheist he knew many of the leading atheists (including Gordon Stein; Garry De Young; and, Madalyn Murray O’Hair), and published scores of articles in their various journals. Years later, he also became disillusioned with atheism.”

That guy?

You know you love me. <3

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I did a search in ISI web of science (one of the most complete journal databases). The following is everything that came up.

In total 15 articles with a J* Bergman as author (several of these are not the same person). I used evolution* or evolv* or intelligent design* as topics. No search engine is perfect. But 600 papers is not remotely plausible, and none seem to make any claims regarding the validity of intelligent design or the invalid nature of evolution. Hope that’s of use.

1. Title: Peter B. Dews and pharmacological studies on behavior
Author(s): Barrett JE, Bergman J
Source: JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS Volume: 326 Issue: 3 Pages: 683–690 Published: SEP 2008
Times Cited: 0

2. Title: Antifouling activity of synthesized peptide analogs of the sponge metabolite barettin
Author(s): Sjogren M, Johnson AL, Hedner E, et al.
Source: PEPTIDES Volume: 27 Issue: 9 Pages: 2058–2064 Published: SEP 2006
Times Cited: 3

3. Title: Stepwise radical endoscopic resection is effective for complete removal of Barrett’s esophagus with early neoplasia: A prospective study
Author(s): Peters FP, Kara MA, Rosmolen WD, et al.
Source: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY Volume: 101 Issue: 7 Pages: 1449–1457 Published: JUL 2006
Times Cited: 26

4. Title: Uncompensated antiferromagnetism and phase boundary with variable curvature in the mixed magnet Mn1-xNixCl2 center dot 4H(2)O
Author(s): DeFotis GC, Bergman JS, King HA, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 70 Issue: 18 Article Number: 184413 Published: NOV 2004
Times Cited: 0

5. Title: Dynamic stabilization of atmospheric single column models
Author(s): Bergman JW, Sardeshmukh PD
Source: JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Volume: 17 Issue: 5 Pages: 1004–1021 Published: MAR 2004
Times Cited: 5

6. Title: Usefulness of single column model diagnosis through short-term predictions
Author(s): Bergman JW, Sardeshmukh PD
Source: JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Volume: 16 Issue: 22 Pages: 3803–3819 Published: NOV 2003
Times Cited: 2

7. Title: Investigations of optical properties of active regions in vertical cavity surface emitting lasers grown by MBE
Author(s): Reginski K, Ochalski T, Muszalski J, et al.
Source: THIN SOLID FILMS Volume: 412 Issue: 1–2 Pages: 107–113 Published: JUN 3 2002
Times Cited: 4

8. Title: Dislocation evolution in 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Author(s): Jacobson H, Birch J, Yakimova R, et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 91 Issue: 10 Pages: 6354–6360 Part: Part 1 Published: MAY 15 2002
Times Cited: 29

9. Title: Intraseasonal air-sea interactions at the onset of El Nino
Author(s): Bergman JW, Hendon HH, Weickmann KM
Source: JOURNAL OF CLIMATE Volume: 14 Issue: 8 Pages: 1702–1719 Published: 2001
Times Cited: 35

10. Title: Composition induced lowering of metamagnetic critical field and static magnetic properties of Co1-xNixCl2 center dot 2H(2)O
Author(s): DeFotis GC, Wilkens MJ, Beveridge AC, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 62 Issue: 10 Pages: 6421–6428 Published: SEP 1 2000
Times Cited: 4

11. Title: Dynamics of the bound excitons in GaN epilayers grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Author(s): Pozina G, Bergman JP, Paskova T, et al.
Source: PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI B-BASIC RESEARCH Volume: 216 Issue: 1 Pages: 45–49 Published: NOV 1999
Times Cited: 3

12. Title: Low-temperature magnetization and thermoremanence of CoCl2 center dot H2O
Author(s): DeFotis GC, King HA, Bergman JS, et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 85 Issue: 8 Pages: 4527–4529 Part: Part 2A Published: APR 15 1999
Times Cited: 1

13. Title: Static magnetic properties and relaxation of the insulating spin glass Co1-xMnxCl2 center dot H2O
Author(s): DeFotis GC, Coker GS, Jones JW, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 58 Issue: 18 Pages: 12178–12192 Published: NOV 1 1998
Times Cited: 13

14. Title: Long-term outcome of autoimmune disease following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation
Author(s): Snowden JA, Kearney P, Kearney A, et al.
Source: ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM Volume: 41 Issue: 3 Pages: 453–459 Published: MAR 1998
Times Cited: 76

Source: PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH Volume: 58 Issue: 1–4 Pages: 143–167 Published: OCT 1992
Times Cited: 43

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Admitedly perhaps he may just be claiming that he wrote 600 articles completely irrelevant to the issue. There are 1433 articles with a J* bergman as author….if we pretend he wrote almost half of them.

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Your fascination with meanness makes you less attractive than them> If everybody were as petty as you are it would be a hate-filled bloodbath. Why don’t you film something uplifting and promote it. Don’t spend your life cursing the darkness LIGHT A CANDLE

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