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Have you been moderated on Fluther?

Asked by robmandu (21331points) October 3rd, 2008

What’s your first reaction when that happens? Do you think that they are out to get you? Are you immediately defensive wondering how it is that someone could question your wording/intent? Are you worried that someone in power is censoring your viewpoint?

If you were in the moderator’s shoes, how would you approach the job of moderating some questions? Bear in mind that saying you wouldn’t moderate at all is simply a dodge. Ben & Andrew own Fluther and they want it moderated.

Also, those who have successfully gone through the moderation process and had Questions reinstated, do you think your rewording helped clarify your meaning and improve the discussion?

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Yeah. I always take it really personally.

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I’ve only been moderated once. I deserved it.

I think this site needs to be moderated.

no, JackAdams, this is not an invitation

Moderation keeps the site focussed on great answers, and it’s one of the deepest reasons why I dumped Yahoo answers.

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I had a question moderated a long time ago, during an episode of multiple iPhone questions that were driving people crazy. I asked essentially a joke question “What’s wrong with my iPhone, it works perfectly. Am I doing something wrong? How can I get it to malfunction?” I got a lot of funny responses, but then it was moderated for being flame bait (though, there weren’t any flames, just funny responses). Initially, I was annoyed, but then I just took it in stride. It wasn’t the end of the world…

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Yes I have. Once I didn’t feel it was fair, so I pm’ed with the moderator who removed my post, and we straightened things out. He said he would put my post back, but didn’t,( I think he forgot!) and I went on about my business, because it was no big deal.

There have been a couple of my posts removed because of content, and I accepted it without whining. It helped me learn when I was overstepping the bounds here, so I used it as a tool to keep me within the guidelines when posting after that.

I’ve never been asked to reword one of my questions, but I am grateful for the times the mods have done it with some I have seen. It made the purpose of the question much more clear, and easier to participate in.

Also, I never for a second thought it was because they are out to get me!! How silly!!

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I’ve been moderated and I’ve removed some of my own answers. I really don’t understand what the fuss is about. If the mods err on being too soft or too strict, it all evens out..

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I was moderated twice. One time for a a question I asked when I had just joined (It was not up to standards) and another time when dealing with some annoying former members who have left.

The latter was not moderated until a day later, and i received many a GA during that time =P

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I’ve been moderated…No big deal. I prefer Fluther’s methods vs. those at other boards, because you can still get the jist of the chat. They ban Q’s only hen necessary, they let us speak like adults, let us have fun (most of the time), and generally are kind about the removal.

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i’ve been moderated a few times, like that time i asked who you’d beat up on fluther, although i thought it was pretty legit. oh well, they make the rules in this world

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Ive been moderated a couple times. I completely agree with the mods for removing my posts though as they didnt follow the guidelines. (usually fighting with someone on fluther)

OH NOES THE MODZ BE OUTZ TO GETS MEEEEEE!!! clearly it cant be my fault the posts got removed

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Nope. I Mod We Trust. I am pretty careful what I write. And I refuse to get into an internet argument. I choose my battles carefully and don’t get sucked into stupid crap.

But I have seen several people get “modded” out of threads because they are out of line or just being tools, trying to get people into a fight or trying to garner attention to themselves.

I’m here to answer questions for people and be as honest and as helpful as I can be. This place for me is not a social interaction site. It’s a Q&A site. Let’s all try to keep it that way!

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I’ve been mod-ed before, and the only annoyance I’ve ever gotten is wondering whether the target of my post got a chance to see it before it was deleted… lol. I would be lying if I said I never knowingly posted something I knew would disappear… but I don’t really prescribe to the “be the bigger person” thing when having an argument. I speak my mind, and I really don’t care who’s listening. I’m not unreasonable, but if someone is being a jerk, I will say so and why with no qualms about it.

and then that person starts harrassing me via PMs but then the mods save the day!

So, again, I <3 Moderators.

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Yes, for liking macs.

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I’ve been moderated a few times. I think I only deserved it a couple though. I don’t really mind, I think this site needs to be moderated. Imagine all the advertisements and misspellings this site would have without moderation! The thought makes me shiver.

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I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. And maybe this time, someone will actually read my words and not just skim over them.

I want this site to be moderated, and I would quit my participation if it was NOT moderated.

I have also said that I have no problems with the moderators or how they do their jobs, as long as they treat everyone (including other moderators) exactly the same way.

I have a “problem” with some of the guidelines, rather than the 9 Moderators.

Is my position now clear to everyone who can read English?

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Three times, this week, for three completely different reasons, I had questions removed…never before that here or ANYWHERE and never one of my answers. It all happened in the midst of disagreements occuring w/ other users, which made me feel a bit persecuted and curious as to their motives. I talked with one of the mods about it at length and asked the community about it. In the end I don’t 100% agree with all the reasons they use (i.e. there are subtle differences in how they run the site vs. how I would run it, but they are very subtle, and I don’t run the site), but ultimately I realize that they’re trying to create a certain level of quality of quesitons and discourse among participants, and in that framework they have to make judgement calls. Having been at a site that claims to moderate itself, but where several people have to drag them into the conversation kicking and screaming, all the while the situation escalates out of hand just to get them to listen, then to have them punish the complainers who are trying to stop the bad behaviors, I give an enormous amount of credit to those who volunteer their time to make these tough calls. There is a reason this is the best Q & A site on the internet, and before I was mod-ed, I didn’t realize that strict moderation was indeed that reason. Thank you Fluther mods for caring.

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I’ve been moderated once for a personal attack. It was totally justified and I accepted it without complaint. The mod told me I could put back the part of the response that wasn’t a personal attack but I said forget it.

I was the one who was being a jackass. Insult people by letting them get trapped by their own logic. Don’t call them a liar with a personal vendetta.

I was out of line and I totally should have been moderated. I try real hard to stay polite but sometimes I need a nice little shove to keep things that way.

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I have been moderated. Answers. I have had them removed for being off topic.

I once had one removed because it was misunderstood as having sexual content. When I PMd about it, the response was put back up. (I referred to the earth moving. It was, however, a literal reference in a thread regarding an earthquake that had occurred.)

I think the moderating on this site is manifestly fair for the most part.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to take it personally, and I try very hard not to.

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If you don’t get moderated every now and then you ain’t living right.

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I was moderated once in private for a question that was not worded according to guidelines. The question itself was not removed, and I actually appreciated the note. It was diplomatic and respectful. Does that even qualify as being “moderated.”

Long Live the Fluther Mods!

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Just when I discovered I was moderated, there was a moment of “huh!?!”, but then, I just figured; I know the site is moderated and this can happen, so…

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I think I had a question removed when I was a newer Jelly, but I don’t remember what it was I asked. Must not have been that important to me if I don’t remember it.

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I have(more than once) because I accedentaly wrote my question 2 times or spelling something wrong or something.

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I’ve had one answer removed, but never a question. I deserved it. I will say that when I am lucky enough to catch a comment before it is removed, I’m not always sure why that comment was chosen for removal while other like, or even worse answers, have gotten through.

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I have moderated myself several times. I have started typing many things…and then just hit the “backspace” key.

I have been scolded by a moderator, but not had anything actually removed.

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I have had answers removed, twice I knew it would happen because I knew I was breaching guidelines, as once I was defending someone who had been personally attacked but I attacked back personally too (I apologised later), and once because a user had called everyone an idiot but he was a hypocrite and an idiot (in many threads, not just the one) so I thought I should let him know, I knew it would be removed but I’m glad he saw it first. I don’t think he’s around anymore.

The other time was for going off topic, which can sometimes be a bit disappointing because even if it was completely random the discussion was still entertaining, but I guess they have to draw the line somewhere and I understand completely.

I appreciate the Mods and all that they do, they’re extremely helpful and equally as grateful when you turn around and help them too.

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I think I had one question removed. I don’t remember what it was even about.

I have had a lot of comments removed. There was only one that kinda bothered me. But I did say that I was glad that I had never fucked anyone that he had ever touched. But that was only one sentence in a unusually lengthy answer from me. The rest was good.

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I have never been moderated. The mods love my answers. Especially those ones with all the sentence enhancers. Hell, most people on fluther love my answers. I mean c’mon. What’s not to love?

and yes I thought it was fair and I knew it was going to happen

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I had a question removed, basically for inciting a riot. I felt bad…because I never get in trouble! I’m usually such a goody-two-shoes. I have to admit, it was snarky, and probably should have been removed.

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Whoops! Yeah “I am pretty careful what I write.” RIGHT. (I need to proofread more)

What I meant to type was “IN Mod We Trust.” And I trust that you all gathered that despite my lack of attention to detail there. (sheesh) But that doesn’t excuse the fact that I negated myself in my own post.


@Magnus: I have difficulty believing that you got modded for just liking Macs. Did you become a Mac Fascist and say something untoward? (Just for clarification, I am a Mac Fascist!) I know that Mac/Winders arguments can get heated. I have had a few myself. (In real life with my former manager…who got replaced by…ahem…ME.)

@Snoppy: I have engaged the Backspace before. What I sometimes do is write the response that I would LIKE to, then wait a few…read what I wrote and then edit out the emotional content. It helps. (Just make sure that after you write your first draft you don’t hit that Answer button!)

@JackA: Hazah! to your want for moderation. It’s what makes this a great place to be!

@Buster: LOL…no really I did actually laugh out loud. Yeah, you are right. I get “modded” in real life occasionally. Pobody’s Nerfect.

Oh and I forgot to add this…which will probably get modded out (eep!):

For those of you who just cannot help yourselves: link

And for those of you who have a good sense of humor and can laugh at anything (even yourselves…because after all—admit it now—you know you crack yourself up) link



(sorry…couldn’t help it)

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@maccmann: Thanks for the laughs…though that last was quite un-pc!

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The article about how to win any argument….FABULOUS. Though that doesn’t work with me, I use sarcasm and wit to make the stupid people think I’m agreeing with them, while anyone with two brain cells to rub together will realize I’m mocking the idiot.

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I <3 SA!

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Just to clarify my previous comment, I’m referring to when I’m arguing with someone who uses these tactics. If I’m having a discussion with someone who is intelligent but I just don’t agree with them, I’ll attack the ideas, not the individual.

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A little cocky aren’t we tWrex?

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@buster Most males are because it’s anatomically correct to be so. ftw!

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I’ve been modded twice, as I recall.

The first was an answer to a decorating question, took me forever but I found it!.

I think my first answer was taken as overly flippant, and was modded out, but after I posted the second the mods put the first answer back.

My second mod was a satiric question that mimic’ed the structure of the previous posting, and yes, I was being a jackass and deserved to have it wiped.

The mods do a good job here, and a thankless one too.

So, thanks, guys.

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You need to keep people focused and keep the site as intended. If it is going to degrade the quality of the site, then of course it is fine to moderate.

At the same time overzealous moderation can ruin the natural development of the site.

Haven’t been moderated yet, so no comment on how it personally feels…

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