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Do people use RSS? Should Fluther have it?

Asked by gsiener (454points) November 13th, 2006
RSS is a protocol that allows for "subscribing" to web pages and automatically getting the latest updates?
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I love RSS and use it to follow all the blogs I love to read. I'd love to have RSS for Fluther.
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Fluther should definitely have RSS (or Atom, it doesn't really matter).
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I might sign up for a question's RSS feed if it promises to be meaty. More likely I'd rather get e-mail updates when somebody responds to a question I'm interested in. The great thing about RSS is that you can set up a feed and let people worry about whether they want to subscribe to it or not (which has gotten easier with FF 2.0). E-mail updates would require subscribe/unsubscribe functionality.
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More often people are replacing email list serves with RSS feeds so they don't get a cluttered in-box. Just tonight I heard someone make the pitch to a large group to not create another list serve and to use an RSS feed instead.
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Duly noted. Also, don't forget that you can also get IM notifications on questions that you ask. Well, at least when the notify server is working.
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Yes, and yes. Very good idea.

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