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Should I move to San Francisco?

Asked by gsiener (438points) November 13th, 2006
Thinking about moving there before I have kids.
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Where do you live now?
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I'm in Boston
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Yes. I grew up outside of Boston and lived in San Francisco for three years. I loved it and it's a nice transition. I would defintely recommend having a job before you go, though. It is very expensive.
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I moved to the SF bay area (burlingame) when I was five months pregnant! What a great place to be with kids, it seems everyone has one, the weather is temperate, you can hike and be outside, the food is great. They did, however just cancel the mommy/baby movie--a crushing blow to some of us. Had a very good experience giving birth here too, by the way.
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I have lived here for two years. I am from Louisiana so this was definitely a huge transition for me.
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But I think if you want to raise a family, sf is great, but you should investigate neighborhoods first. My biggest complaints have been the scary homeless people that are truly everywhere.
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yes! this city is amazing. I'm from the East Coast originally and I love it here.
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i'm a mainer who moved to oakland/berkeley for 5 years and just a few months ago into sf and I LOVE IT! it's a small city with lots of community, lots of activity, art, music, secret treasures - and great food.
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leave boston. say goodbye to: brendan behan pub, milky way, sorella's, fall foliage, the atlantic, maine, and the like and then get a car or some form of transit and roll out here -- your life will be greatly enhanced. also, it is about to be cold as hell where you are at? im sorry, where is the debate? all have a gold, dome roof to your capitol. that is golden. pun intended cause that's all i got.
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I'll give the opposite view. Yes move out here. It's always good to experience something new, but after 2 years out here, I knew that someday I had to get back to the east coast. In my field, I like the work ethic better and I like a more balanced political world. But that's just me. I have now been here 6 years. Love it - but wouldn't if I didn't know that I would eventually move on.
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If you either a) are of limited means and only plan to stay for a few years or b) are of robust means so you could actually buy a house. Rent is a real money pit in SF, but I love everything else about the city.
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Do you like men or women? and do you like flat roads or hills?
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what do you think you will find here that you are missing where you are? it is a lovely place, but be careful of a greener grass mentality if you already have a good thing going.
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yes because it is closer to your real friends. but you should just move to LA
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i think it is a fabulous place that everyone should try once in their life...i'm from the east coast too and i think there is truth to the idea that its "different" is...its like never never land, you can always maintain your youth out here....BUT its true that you should have some sort of set up before you come out, or you will be BROKE...and get a bike once you're here, its the best way to get around the city
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the grass actually IS greener here. I thought i'd just get it out of my system after a year and move back east. 4 and half years later i'm still here and never want to move.
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it´s different, it´s expensive, but otherwise it´s a great place to live. yes, go.

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