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Ordering Valium over the Internet?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) October 4th, 2008

I’ve been looking at them forever and not really thinking about them, but what about those websites you see that come up offering drugs like valium “online for sale without a prescription”? I suppose I also never asked such a question, but having or buying prescription drugs without a doctor writing out the slip for you… is that illegal?

What are the chances that these online companies are selling you sugar pills instead of the actual ingredients? If it’s the real deal, and if selling prescription drugs online is illegal, how do these companies get away with it?

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I would be interested about why you are looking at spam mail. Do you also read about septic systems and becoming a massage therapist or do you have an interest in drugs specifically?

From what I have seen in the news professional thieves use the internet to unload their goods so you might be buying stolen stuff. This is an updated version of selling it out of their trunk. If people buy stolen goods that only encourages thieves. You have to check your own ethics to decide where you stand on the issue-are you willing to be a part of crime that drives up the cost of what you buy legitimately.

Another situation may be that the online meds are past the effective dates. When drugs pass sell by dates, they are supposed to be destroyed but you can imagine a lot, especially outside the US might not be. So the drugs sold on line might have been degraded or if they had been stored inadequately there may be unknown chemical changes and maybe worthless or dangerous.

A third option may be that they may be counterfeit, manufactured with substitute ingredients. They may be “sugar” pills but more likely they will have ingredients that mimic the real thing because even criminal businessmen want repeat business. We see how this can work by looking at what is happening in China the last couple of years with the substitution of chemicals that react like protein when tested. First it was animals hurt and killed and now it’s people. The threat is there for anything you ingest if you don’t know how and where it was produced.

So beyond the ethical and safety issues, you have to consider why you feel the need to take drugs without medical supervision. Prescription drugs can have contraindications that could sicken or kill you otherwise they would be OTC. And finally if you are in possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription, it may be a felony.

I hope I gave you something to think about.

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Some of the sites are legit. They get away with it because they are often based in other countries where its not illegal. Most of these sites will also offer research chemicals such as 2CI and things of that nature. I really wouldnt advise taking them though since they havent been fully studied and we dont know their longterm effects. As far as the valium goes, i wouldnt order it either. You really dont know what it is your getting exactly and im pretty sure(but not positive) its illegal for you to be ordering them as well so you could get yourself in some trouble.

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“I would be interested about why you are looking at spam mail. Do you also read about septic systems and becoming a massage therapist or do you have an interest in drugs specifically?”

…well, to break it down simply, these ads are everywhere. When I go to google and do a search for Drixoral (the only cold/allergy pill that worked for me) the ads for the stuff appear on the margins of the site. When you log into myspace, there are ads for it there. Even when I look at a site for a video game-related keychain or lanyard, there are ads for them there.

Y’know… nothing supernatural about it. Spam’s on the internet.

I also didn’t say I was going to buy any, or that I was on any medication to begin with. As long and bloated as your reply was, it could’ve been a more substantial single paragraph compared to a blindly judgmental lecture.

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Sorry Love, I gave you 3 possible options about what you could be getting on the internet. I think you must have some underlying issues that I innocently touched on that you don’t want to address. As far as spam being on the internet, most of us delete it or ignore it not research it. I’m also sorry you don’t have the attention span to read a multi-part answer. 1 paragraph-OK?

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galileogir: What the Hell do you care what any else (besides yourself) reads on the internet. Most of your answers are enjoyable, this is just plain snotty! I have 2 things to say Lovelocke: First I would be very hesitant to buy prescription drugs from an internet source. I take several high priced drugs for various issues and would love to find a reliable source. Don’t know where you live, but drugs (for the most part) are cheaper in Canada and they have high standards. They will fill a scrip from a licensed physician from the US, but you may have to present to make it work.

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Card-maybe you could ask why the hell you are so exercised about what a stranger does with her spam. There is something going on here and I believe it isn’t about spam but maybe about drugs. Why can’t you find a reliable “source”? I take prescription meds, none mood-altering, and my “source” is any of a dozen pharmacies within a mile of my home, Easy-skeezy<;)

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