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How to style notifications on websites?

Asked by Vincentt (8079points) October 4th, 2008

Sometimes I need to display notifications to the visitor, but the styling I’m currently using is just plain ugly (I’ve taken a screenshot of a particularly destructive example).

Not being a designer, my question is this: how do I make this good-looking?

Note that this one is green (for “success” message), there are also “error”, “warning” and “tip” messages which will probably need other colours, though if people can think of other distinctions that’s cool too.


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If you want fancy fonts you can use sIFR . As far as styling goes, you can append an image next to it via css as well. Make the font drop caps. There’s loads you can do, but what do you want it to do. How do you want it to look. That’ll define our answer.

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I don’t think it was that ugly really…
Well, what i use is this: (disable javascript to see the warning)

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@tWrex – well, it’s not so much the font I’m worried about as I prefer consistency on that matter.

@wilhel1812 – thanks! That looks very nice :)

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