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Experiences with 5-hour energy drinks?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) October 4th, 2008 from iPhone

They work so much better in my opinion, since other caffine drinks just gives me headaches. My advise to you though is; only drink them if you really need it. You’ll stay focused for hours so don’t shoot one late at night.

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They dont do anything for me. Then again no energy drink does. I really wish they did though, i mean id be nice to be able to just drink something when im dead tired and out of it to wake me up but oh well.

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I haven’t and will not try it. Something that promises an energy boost with no side effects. Don’t buy the scheme.

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They are just gimmicks. The main ingredients is caffeine . I take a Sundrop soda, coffee, or real speed like adderall if I need to edge.

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I’ve never tried one. Last year I was pretty well addicted to caffeine, so that a cup of coffee didn’t do much to me anymore. I didn’t have any caffeine all summer, and now I only drink coffee when I really need to stay awake, and it works. I will only try a super caffeinated energy drink in a true emergency, and so far I’ve never had that.

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No buster, that’s the thing about these, they contain almost no caffine at all. Only vitamin b.

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magnus, i don’t really understand what the question is. i kind of feel like you’re just promoting these drinks…
isn’t “5-hour energy” a brand-name?

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