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Why is Digg messed up for me?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1843points) October 5th, 2008

I’d be surprised if most of you didn’t know what Digg was. The website is really messed up for me. It looks as if I went to View>Page Style>No Style. But I didn’t. Digg is the only site that is doing this for me, and it’s been happening for a while. Here are a few screen shots to show what I mean.

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That’s happened to me before on various websites (Fluther being one of them). Normally, it was just a bad internet connection. But since it is happening to you only on Digg, then I have absolutely no idea.

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Did you try opening the site in another browser? I assume Digg isn’t usually this way for you?

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No, this actually started happening a while ago, and made me totally leave Digg. I went back to it recently forgetting why I left, then I remembered again as soon as I saw it, so I fluthered it. I will try opening it with Chrome or Safari.

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Perhaps you accidentally adblocked the stylesheet.

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I think that might be it actually. I will check my adblock list.

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Aee you kidding me? vuze? Get a new bittorrent client.

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I disabled adblock and now my Digg is back to normal. Thanks aidjie.

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in your browser:
View/Page Style/No Style?

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I used to get this problem with various sites when browsing at school. For some reason the school’s proxy would allow the website itself through, but no the CSS file. Very annoying.

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Digg has been messed up for about a year now… i miss the old digg…

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Never understood the appeal of Digg. Since it is so popular, I suspect I missed something. But then again, I don’t get the point of Twitter either. Maybe it’s a sign that i’m becoming a cranky old guy who curses new things and complains about the youth.

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