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An annoyance in Firefox, is anyone in the same boat?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1843points) October 5th, 2008

Just a couple minutes ago this new empty bar appeared underneath my bookmark bar and above my tabs. It’s there when I don’t have any tabs open, too. It happens on every theme I try, including original. I’ve looked through my add-ons too see if it’s supposed to be a toolbar, but it’s not. I also looked in “customize” but nothing there either. Anyone else experiencing this problem? It’s quite annoying. Screen shot:

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Well I have two other toolbar’s that I use. The one you indicate is right where my Yahoo bar is. I also have one that seems to be related to my Firefox bookmarks. In your bookmarks right under “organize bookmarks” is “bookmark toolbar” Anything that you put in that will show up on your toolbar. Perhaps that got turned on? If when you right click in the blank area next to the custom icons on you toolbar the menu should show bookmarks toolbar. If that is checked then that is probably it.

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Isn’t the Bookmark toolbar what I have above the blank bar?

Edit: I just checked that, I turned off bookmark toolbar and it took away my bookmarks, not the blank bar.

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When you right click on the blank bar, you should see a Delete option.

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I should, but I don’t. When I right click on the blank bar there is no response at all. No menu pops up or anything.

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Hmmm, almost seems like an extra bookmarks bar. Just for the heck of it try adding a few bookmarks into that file.

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I couldn’t, and I just figured out what it was. It was a glitchy Ask Toolbar that I accidentally download. But it wouldn’t show itself. It just did now and I removed it, thanks anyways guys.

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That was going to be the next speculation I have this “myweb” bar that keeps wanting to show on mine. I just turn it off, or else bit defender goes nuts trying to purge it from my system. Can’t stand those sneaky things.

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