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What is your stump speech?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) October 5th, 2008

Give the reasons why you’re voting for your candidate.

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Because I’m choosing the lesser of two evils…

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because the other guy is a liberal democrat.

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Because i dont want a “team of mavericks” running this country :P

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Because the other guy is a conservative Republican, that I and I really don’t like Sarah Palin’s glasses.

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Cause I want to know where the Gaza Strip is.

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I believe that Obama will be a better diplomat and will do more to improve America’s standing on the world stage.

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Because Obama will make the economy even worse than it is today, and may hurt my family’s financial standings.

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I don’t see how anyone would be hurt, it was your fault in the first place.

Don’t live above your limits.

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I don’t vote Republican.

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Don’t preach to me.

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Oh yeah…I don’t want a repeat of the last 8 years….

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I believe in equal rights for all of us, not just some of us. I think what a woman decides to do with her own body is her own business. We are in a war that has no end in sight. The Patriot Act is downright unpatriotic. My candidate’s tax plan will benefit the middle class, while his opponent’s plan will benefit the wealthiest among us. While I don’t truly believe things will ever change, if there is a candidate that has a teeny, tiny, minute chance at changing things, it’s Obama.

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I just want to say I like this question, it gets people talking about the issues without yelling at each other about them (well not too much anyway…)

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Obama has run an incredibly well-organized campaign headed by a team of very smart people- he came out of nowhere and beat Hillary, which nobody thought was possible. I think that if he can run a campaign as well as he has, he can certainly run our country.

He has raised all of this money, even during a recession, which shows us that people are incredibly passionate about this candidate and about his message of change- enough to donate money even when they don’t have much to spare.

He has opened up a conversation about race that nobody was willing to approach, and I believe that people are ready to unite under a common purpose, regardless of their race- we all deserve to live in a country where we are treated as equals.

Barack Obama is an incredible man. He gives people reason to hope when there aren’t a lot of obvious reasons to have hope, especially about our government. The other side says he’s got no substance, when in fact he is one of the most inspirational leaders of our time. He doesn’t use fear to get our attention.

I can’t wait until the election is over. It’s so stressful.

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I am voting for Mccain for several reasons mainly because he is socially a conservative (Pro-life, pro-gun, etc.). He is strong on National security and has a tremendous amount of experience on national security and foreign affairs. His experience surpasses those of his opponent. He wants to end illegal immigration. He wants to continue President Bush’s tax cuts. His future agenda does not include $800 billion of additional tax dollar spending, additionally, he wants to end “pork barrel” spending. He wants to reduce entitlements (government give-aways), and ear marks. The bailout bill that just passed had some ridiculous ear marks. Will responsibly, keyword responsibly, end the war in Iraq. He is for affordable health care, not Socialized medicine.

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McCains Healthcare proposal alone would ruin me, as his own website attests to. Historically his every political action has been detrimental to my economic well being as far as I can trace his voting. His experience and activity in foreign affairs, specifically the current war are terrible. He even contradicts his own record as shown here:

I don’t trust him not to be the ambling “maverick” he has been to keep his political career going. I just don’t make enough money, nor will I if he is president, for him to be president.

I will vote for Obama because he is smart. He came up with a plan On Sept 21 ( ) for the bailout that reached across party lines, helped main street america and made sure we got paid back. McCain used it as a Campaign trick and didn’t even do that smoothly.

He outlined his plan on his website and has had it up there long before McCaine could access one. He is open and honest about what he wants to do. It is all there for those who look. If people did, they would see that McCain’s claims about Obama’s Tax claims for 95% of families below sl are 100% true.

He, himself, has tried to discuss what he wants to do for america from day one and held off the “he said he said” for as long as he could. I really believe that.

@Eambos and critter1982 – I may disagree with you, but LURVE TO YOU. Thanks for giving your opinion on what is an Obama sided site.

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As a small employer who buys health insurance for our 5 employees, I can tell you the effect of the McCain health care plan on our employees and on us.
A couple of the employees have chosen to have us cover their spouses insurance instead of raises. If the McCain plan passes and insurance benefits are taxed as income (That’s a tax increase for working folks if you didn’t notice) and employees get a tax “credit” to go out and buy insurance, then some of our employees who are not super high wage earners will choose the cash in hand over insurance, and never take advantage of the tax credit. (Fewer people insured, not more.)Treating insurance as income will not only increase income tax, but will increase social security tax and for business owners workers comp and even liability insurance premiums. We loose all around.

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Because while the Democrats are conservative, the Republicans are even more conservative, and conservative policies always hurt people who are already in pain, and help those who are already doing quite well, thank you very much!

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Because it’s time for a change and Obama represents that.

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I think McCain thinks every American can afford a CPA to do their taxes. I think we should help the little guy who struggles with their taxes at the kitchen table.

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I’m for Obama
1. McCain’s face scares me
2. He just wants to fight, fight, fight
3. I’m a Democrate
4. Health Care is high on Obama’s priority list

I’m going to be sooooooooooooo sorry I participated in this question

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What do you like about his healthcare? I didn’t think it was all that great of a plan.

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I don’t….that’s what my mum says.

Oh and to add on to number 1 for me, I figured out what he looks like. A pasty-white lizard

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Your mom says? Dude, how old are you?

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16 and I am a girl

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Oh sorry. Well he pretty much wants to set up the health care system that they have in Canada, where people who have the money come HERE to get healthcare. But to each her own.

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That’s why I love Canada and like England/France. Free health care. But the taxes are crazy high

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Okay. Not my take, but that’s why we have a democracy.

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so you a republican?

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Yep, it’s funny I’m actually younger than you, 14. I’m the Pro-life, God fearing, red blooded American.

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I’m pro-life also and love God.

I’m adopted. My mum had me when she was 14, so she had the choice to either give me up or have an abortion. She chose to give birth to me. Plus, you are killing a human being. I believe that once the sperm touches the egg, a baby has begun to form.

Humans need to breathe and eat right. And an unborn baby needs to breathe and eat right. So how is a human any different from an unborn baby?

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Right. That’s a brilliant stance. I respect your mom for being so strong.

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thank you. I respect her and my mum and dad now for adopting me

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@elumas: Obama’s health plan is not even close to the Canadian system. It’s not just not in the ballpark; it’s not even in the same country! The Obama plan relies on private insurance.

In Canada, there is hardly any private insurance, and what there is is to upgrade you from a double room to a single, or maybe send you to a non-participating physician for care, if you don’t want to wait.

If I were you, I wouldn’t accept my parent’s politics so unquestioningly.

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me? wow…harsh…My parents and I talk about this stuff a lot. You shouldn’t say that if you don’t understand what happens in the background

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If you add the money we spend on health care to the money we spend on taxes you could argue that we spend “crazy more” for both than countries with socialized medicine.

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@comedian: if you look at the beginning of my answer, you’ll see I wasn’t talking to you, but to elumas!

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@daloon, he’s 14, maybe give him a couple more years before telling him not to listen to his parents : )

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@Comedian – A sea cucumber needs to breathe and eat, right? So how is a human any different from a sea cucumber?

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@Daloon: I meant the last part

@Hobbes: Tuche. But I’m not talking about cucumbers. I’m comparing to a human

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Excuse me? First of all although I respect my parent’s ideas and beliefs I try to stay objective and form my own opinions. And Hobbes, a sea cucumber will not one day be a human. A thinking, feeling fetus will.

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Amen Elumas Amen!

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A fetus will not necessarily become a thinking, feeling human. Any number of things can happen that could retard or alter the fetus. A fetus could very well come out not being able to think or feel. What then defines a human.

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just because it can’t think or feel doesn’t mean it can’t breathe or need food, drink, and anything else a human does

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@tinyfaery – shape? : )

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Nevermind. Just ignore this response. I’m not going to say anything about monkeys.

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@Chica: ok. will do

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“need food, drink, and anything else a human does” That doesnt make it sentient though, and thats the whole argument.

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Ok I don’t want to get into this any further because 1. I don’t know all the facts and 2. I’m pretty sure you all don’t either. I’m not positive but you probably don’t know everything about it.

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Comedian – I don’t know every fact surrounding fetal development, but I do know that at conception, what results is a tiny clump of cells, not anything remotely close to a human being, or even a sea cucumber.

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I’m not going any further. You have your opinion and I have mine. Done

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This argument about abortion has completely veered off the main topic, but anyways, I shall give my opinions about it. I am no expert on US politics (I don’t live there), so I’m assuming ‘pro-life’ is regarding the debate about abortion, correct me if I’m wrong.

IMHO, I’d rather have a young mother abort a child, than forcibly bring it up in a poor or abusive household. If she doesn’t have the means or time to bring up a child, she shouldn’t be forced to. She should be free to make a choice. And I think you’re doing the unborn child a huge favor by not letting it being born into a household thats inappropriate for raising a small kid. Better to have a couple of dead cells than bring a person into this world only to add to the lines at the unemployment office or maybe the prisons.

As to your argument, a foetus is simply a bunch of cells that is absorbing the nutrients it needs from the surrounding blood, just like each and every cell of the body. It isn’t really breathing or feeling, but yes it does need food and drink, and can grow into a human being one day. But that definition holds true for sperm cells as well, and maybe even stem cells (I’m not very current on their research). Sorry for all the kids here, but every time you masturbate, you also kill millions of sperm cell! So by your definition, they should outlaw masturbation, blow jobs and all the other things that result in the killing of a bunch of cells that need food and drink like a human and will one day grow up into humans?

So quit playing with words like that, coz thats a game two can play. Its time we stop with all the stupid definitions of ‘life’ and ‘equality’, because there is no correct definition of them. I always feel that if a woman is having second thoughts about a baby, its better to abort the baby and be safe than sorry…

My 4 cents (sorry for ramblin on so long)

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Violating ‘Keep Right Except to Pass’ and ‘Follow At A Safe Distance’ will be punisable by license suspension.

Tracksuits illegal in malls and in court.

Public excecution for NYPD parking violations officers.

Free Morningwood CD’s for everyone.

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Because he’s a badass.

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