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Does it sound like these issues require technical support/repairs, or just a different approach?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1991points) October 6th, 2008

Problem 1: Wii
My Wii no longer connects to Wifi very well. It finds the initial connection, but once it comes to searching for another player, it cuts out if it doesn’t find a player before a minutes time. If it does, it isn’t guaranteed to last.

Reasons why I think it is hardware:
I never once touched anything on my router. It worked fine for over 6 months and stopped working. Nothing provoked the cut out of Wifi, and I even attempted to do everything the internet told me to do. Not only that, but it takes FOREVER to connect to a DS, which doesn’t even need Wifi to find. And the DS and Wii both use the same components to connect to Wifi, and the DS hooks up just fine.

Problem 2: iPhone
The battery sucks now. Its not a 3G or anything. Pretty much after an hour of use on the bus the battery went from100% to about 40%. Shouldn’t I be getting more than an hour and a half of use here? Should I contact Apple or is there something I can do? By the way, the new update that is supposed to work on the battery life did nothing for me.

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1. Reset the router. It is a normal process that should be done as frequently as you change the oil in your car.

Just remove the power cable from the router, and then replace it after 30 seconds.

2. Reduce the brightness of the screen. If you aren’t using 3g, use edge. I can browse the web for 6+ hours on my iphone….and yes – 6 hours straight.

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1. I tried both of those suggestions many, many times.

2. It was Edge. No Wifi on the bus.

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Buy a new router.

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The iPhone battery may not be holding a charge. (A similar thing happened to me.) If you have Applecare or the warranty on the phone, take it to the Apple store and they will replace it with a “like new” refurbished phone. You can also get the battery replaced by Apple for $79 or so, or you can do it yourself for less.

Yes, you should be getting significantly better battery life.

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My Wii is currently at my girlfriend’s apartment and it is the same deal. Exact same deal.

So just take it to an Apple Store? Will they replace it right there? Cause I really need my phone. Also, any chance I could get a 3G out of this, cause I know they ran out of 1st gen iPhones. :D

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They certainly will. I’ve done it 4 times so far, and it’s a cinch. You may have to upgrade to 2.1 when you get home, and you may have to do a restore to get everything to work properly (most recently, calls would go straight to vm if I was in Safari). They’ll just pop out your Sim card, stick it in a new phone and have you sign off for the new phone.

They won’t give you a 3G. They have lots of old ones in stock still.

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