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What's the best way to get up to speed quickly for fantasy football?

Asked by k2times (40points) August 12th, 2007 from iPhone

I'm going to finally relent and play fantasy football again with some friends this year, but I havnt followed football close enough over the past few years in order to be familiar with the names and picks. Any advice on some tools or methods to get caught up quickly before draft day?

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read the football blogs at for free from there you can link elsewhere

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My first advice- if you are reluctant- don’t do it- it will waste so much time. Secondly, do a google search for fantasy football advice. there are a million sites out there. One with a low budge looks but good advice on who to start week to week is Fantasy Football Cafe. but that’s for in season. The forums at the are also really helpful. If you look for advice, you will have more than you need. After two weeks, you will know the backup running backs on at least six teams. Best of luck.

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I second rovdog. I played fantasy baseball a few years back, and it took over my life. You’ll come to appreciate what coaches go though; you’ll sit up nights comparing stats among your wide receivers – who does better in open-roofed stadiums during the day on turf in states that begin with there letter “A”? Which quarterback has a better completion percentage in the second week in July? etc..etc… make sure you have the time, and you’re single.

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