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When tipping at a sushi restaurant, does the tip only go to the waitress or also to the sushi chef?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) October 7th, 2008

how can you tip to reflect that you especially liked the sushi chef’s work?

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That may just be Chinese custom…

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Depends on the restaurant.
If you want to tip anyone in particular, just let them know.

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I know what you’re talking about. Like when you’re sitting at the sushi bar. I always hand my tip right to the sushi chef. That waitress didn’t do shit.

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Yes. Since you’re going to speak to the chef anyway, to appreciate his work,
you can just hand him the euros directly. Or the yen, or whatever. Since dollars aren’t worth anything any more.

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The waitresses “tip out” to the sushi chefs at the end of the night, but the amount is left up to their discretion.

If you eat at the sushi bar itself, I would hand my tip directly to the chefs.

If you are at a table, you can split the tip and ask the waitress to pass along a portion to the chefs.

Most places also have a jar or bowl on the sushi bar to which you can add some cash directly for the chefs.

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That go to the waitress or no one know all of that ones they keep it as a secret.That mean who got that one own.

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You can always ask the waitress what the split is. At the sushi place I worked at, it was 15% of our tips to the sushi bar (from people sitting at sushi bar and tables as well).

@simone54 That’s patently untrue. The server does plenty when you sit at the sushi bar. At least where I worked, we did.

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Like what? Handing out water, paper menu and pencil?

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Usually the Sushi Chef has a separate cup on top of his bar.

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