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What don't you know? And how will you learn it?

Asked by Nimis (13199points) October 7th, 2008
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My wife is right up there, and most of the things I don’t know I learn from her.

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Thank you for posting this. When that question came up, my first thought was, “Oh my God, I want to GQ that.” And now I can!

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Nimis you speed demon you!

how low an alaskan governer IQ can go.

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Mac: Good lord. That’s was my first reaction too!
This addiction is becoming perverse. Real life is getting translated into Flutherese.
I think I’m going to start carrying Post-its and randomly slapping people with GAs.

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Insight and Experience.

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I want to know if a zen like question like this will come out of New Hamshire and I will learn it by watching the debate on my tivo.

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New Hamshire? Where is that? Is that a haven for pigs?

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Great, great Q.

I don’t know much (though I used to think I did). But I can ask the collective. So I’m okay.

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Loads and loads (shh, don’t tell my kids!) The kind people here do fill in the gaps.

I want to GA people all the time! No matter what I’m reading, I get the urge.

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How far I can go. By going there.

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But I know everything. Now what?

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But by asking “now what” I’ve shown that there is at least one thing I don’t know. Hmmmm.

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Dude, I think that qualifies.

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