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Do you think the Governments rescue plan and banks interest rates cuts will save the economy?

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No. I don’t think it was meant to. I think it was meant to be a confidence booster to stop the pendulum from swinging the wrong way.

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The ONLY thing that will save our economy is the total elimination of Republicans (who caused the problem and The Great Depression, in the first place) from the political landscape.

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It will pull the economy out of the water but it won’t give it CPR. That will take a whole new direction, a new way of looking at how we balance business and regulation and how we treat people in this country. Trickle down just does not work. Socialism doesn’t work either. We need to balance our ideology to create a healthy economy.

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Well, apparently if consensus is any guide, other countries appear to be going down the same bailout/rescue path as the U.S.

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It very well may be a rough patch for a bit…but check out this chart that I posted in another thread.

In time, the economy will recover.

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I wish I did, but I think it’ll get worse before it gets better. The only bright side: I’ve been educating myself about how the economy works (and doesn’t work).

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@JA: I’m just about as left-leaning as they come, but there’s plenty of blame to go around on this one… although I do place the Republican’s emphasis on deregulation squarely at the center of the problem.

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@Jack: I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just the republicans that caused the mess we are in today.

@kullervo: yes the bailout will save part of the economy. It wasn’t designed to stop the downward trend we see in the market but it was designed to alleviate what could have happened (another depression).

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The market will come back it always does.

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Not a good time to be trying to sell my house though :(

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Not a good time at all to sell your house. Good Luck!! This bailout may alleviate some of the issues you have trying to sell your house as well.

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@Jack: If we eliminate the Republicrats for causing the mess, we’d also have to eliminate the Demmicans for helping and being involved as well.

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@ jack

Are u recommending we become a one party system?? Wouldn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

The problem now and cause of the depression, is our fiat money system, aka the “federal reserve.”

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According to your link, debt was one of the biggest causes for the depression. Thanks to fractional reserve banking, money is created out of debt.

The paragraph about debt is eerily similar to today. Our banking system is the problem. The bankers control the media and politicians. It doesn’t matter who is president if the media allows them to be in the position they are in.

We need to listen to what the founding fathers warned about debt and credit or we will never learn.

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I’m with Laureth – A no party system!

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Fireside: aren’t you afraid of who would then seize power, with no organized resistance to stop it?

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Yes, very much so.
How many guns do we have in the hands of our citizens?
If the US were ever to fall in chaos, I would be very worried.

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Worried, because so many have guns, or because too few do?

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They are not intended to save the economy. Their scope is to keep the economy alive. And to avoid much dangerous things that would happen if the whole sistems utterly collapse.

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