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Who would you leave out if you could only have three of the Presidential Candidates over for dinner? Why?

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) October 8th, 2008
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Pallin, she’d make me gag. Plus my german shepard may remind her of a wolf and she may shoot her.
Or maybe I would have her over….and season her food with arsenic!

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Aren’t there only 2?

If you mean to include the VP candidates…I would omit Sara Palin.

It would be too hard to resist the urge to slap her (metaphorically, of course).
It’s horrible of me to say, but I have no patience for Alaska Barbie.
She’s sharp as a beach ball.

I try so hard to be open minded to all people – but she’s gonna have to be my exception.

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I’d say McCain, because I think it would be hilarious to see Barack Obama and Joe Biden talk right over Sarah Palin’s head. I wonder what would have happened following Palin’s gaffes in that interview with Katie Couric if Johnny Mac weren’t there to babysit her. We lost a lot of YouTube gold.

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Hillary Clinton?

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Sarah Palin. She apparently holds grudges and goes viciously after anyone smarter than her. I don’t want a dinner party to end up getting me on her “enemies 4 life!” list. Also her voice is incredibly grating.

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I guess if I have to choose one. I would choose Palin. At least I can handle McCaine not looking at me. And I grew up with a short hot head blowing up at me so I could care less about that.

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I’d eliminate Joe Biden, only because he’s a major asshole.

(I’m sure that, with the passage of time, he’ll be promoted to Lt. Col. Asshole.)

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Great answers everyone. I needed a laugh today and you all helped me feel better.

Thank you

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sarah palin would be good entertainment. i would eliminate mccain because i dontwant him to drop dead in my house and be responsible for his death.

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McCain. He doesn’t sound to be fun. Obama is a smart guy and I can enjoy talking to him. Biden is lovable for his gaffes and silly mistakes. Palin has no clue and is laughable for that.

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I’d leave out Palin. I can imagine engaging in an interesting conversation with Obama, Biden, or McCain. Talking to Palin would be painful.

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My absentee ballot is sitting in front of me, and it has no less than 7 presidential candidates (and no, that does not include vice presidential candidates). There are definitely more than two candidates. But it does appear that GAMBIT is referring to the two main party candidates and their running mates.

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@cprevite, thank you for the clarification

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Palin, I’m pretty sure she annoy the heck out of me and being a suburban mom I’ve already met her a thousand times.

As a side note I would burn McCain’s steak to see if I could get him to throw a fit. I think it would be interesting to witness his legendary temper first hand.

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I’d have to leave out both McCain and Palin. I don’t want assholes or idiots invited to my house. Obama and Biden can bring their whole extended clans over. I’d be happy to cook for them.

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There are six major candidates and probably several hundred who announced their candidacy. See the full list below and plan your dinner.

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Well, in that case, Santa Claus can come by my house, too. :^>

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I’d leave Barack out because he comes to my house all the time and we laugh like hell.
Plus he has work to do right now.

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Oh come on, you’d leave out Palin? Who would you ridicule for laughs?

I’d have to go with McCain. I just don’t see no entertainment coming from that end.

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McCain has been described as the “safety scissors” candidate.

You know, “very dull?”

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@Jack oh, lol.

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I’m gonna’ buck the trend here, and drop Biden. I’d like to see McCain lose his cool, and I’d like to corner Palin in the hall and ask her what the hell she’s thinking. Then they can leave in a huff, and we’d have Obama to ourselves.

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@Augustian, excellent points! Can I come to dinner?

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You are all invited!

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I’m on my way! Please post your street address right now. Always wanted to be your

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Should we bring a side dish?

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Just lots of booze!

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@deaddolly, learn to spell before you ridicule Palin

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Oh! Instead of a side dish, we just need to bring a side trough! LOL

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I’d leave out Nader…since everyone forgets about him anyway and he brings nothing to the table…

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Except a report regarding the safety of the table.

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LOL jack :-)

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I would leave Palin out, because I like her and would not want to subject her to the verbal diarrhea that would spill out every time the rest open their mouths.
No matter what dinner would be ruined.

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I assume you include VPs too. In that case, I without a doubt pick Sarah Palin.
Reason #1— I could never respect a woman who would CHOOSE to leave her infant and numerous other children to run for a position she knows damn well she is entirely unqualified for.
Reason #2— Personally, I think she is a f%$*&ing idiot.

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