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What's a really dorky thing a twenty-year-old male would like?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) October 9th, 2008

I’m writing a screenplay, and I need a line that goes along the lines of, “I can’t believe you found that ___________! I’ve been searching for that for ages… Did you get it on ebay?”

The person saying the line (Peter) is following his friend (Stefan) to his room to see this object, but in fact it is all a ploy to talk to him alone. Peter is laid back and cool, not suspecting the grudge that Stefan has against him.

It has to be something sufficiently dorky. I was thinking of using “Goku figurine”, but I’m not sure that guys their age would use that phrasing (or anyone, mind you). Any suggestions, Flutherites? Let your inner geek come through in this one.

Thanks in advance!

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Goku? Nah… but, anime is a good angle. Google up “Haruhi Suzumiya” or “Lucky Star”, those are the big “mainstream” anime geek shows today. You can also have a peek at getting a Sega Dreamcast or going as far back as an “NES Toploader” or “Genesis 3 System”.

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level 46 knight of darkness with 22 defense and 67 attack, wielding a sword of drogmar, the dragon king.

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This is an interesting question. If you published the play would you give acknowledgment to the flutherers who helped you write it?

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Haha this is for school. It will eventually become a feature-length film. We are writing it collectively, and there will be about fifteen other versions of this scene, so I sincerely doubt that this line will make the cut.

But if it DOES… Of course! If my profs let me.

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Go completely retro. What about a hula dancer figurine that sits on the car dashboard and wiggles? Here is what I mean.

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I love the retro ideas. Hula dancers and pogs are great! They are sufficiently random, and my profs will love it.

@Lovelocke – I’m not really up on what’s cool in Anime Geekdom nowadays. Thanks!

@Mtl_zack – Sounds a little hard to pronounce.

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What do you mean, if they let you?

The first definition of “plagiarism” listed by the Oxford English Dictionary is, “The action or practice of taking someone else’s work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one’s own”.

If you didn’t give any credit to anyone else, you would be, in fact, passing of, say Marina’s idea, as your own.

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Lego Star Ship Enterprise Replica

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@La chica – I am totally in agreement with that. I don’t need a lecture in plagiarism – I get one at the first class of every university course I take. I completely respect people’s ideas and creativity, and I am the first person to make sure everyone gets their due credit.

It’s for that reason that, should the line get through, I would contact the source and ask for their official permission for it to be put in the film. If it’s a “No” then I will replace it with something else.

By “If they let me”, I am referring to the fact that I am not in control of the creation of the credit sequence of the film, and that the responsibility to credit the idea-giver is transferred to whoever IS in charge once I have informed them of the source. They may not give credit to someone for THREE OR FOUR WORDS of the screenplay.

Keep in mind that this film is not going to make any money, as far as I know. It’s a school project.

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Shadling you can use pogs I don’t care if I get credit.

Doesn’t SNL plagiarize all the time?

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@Lovelocke – No. Is that bad? (-.o)
@critter – Thanks! And I’m not sure. If it’s parody, isn’t it acceptable?

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SNL isn’t in college.

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@La_chica_gomela You know I love you, but this is not taking someone’s idea. There is nothing to give credit for. It is no big deal. These are voluntary offerings. Not everything has a price even in today’s world.

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And the definition of plagiarism has nothing to do with college. I’m pretty sure that a college professor would not be concerned about this. That’s kind of ridiculous. Actually if somebody gives you an idea is that really considered plagiarism?

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Take your pick from a number of lovely items.

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An Atari Jaguar console, with Alien vs Predator.

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Ya’ll can poo poo it all day, but the honor council at my school has suspended people for more than one semester for that exact type of thing. i thought shadling should know it was an issue. if he doesn’t care that’s his thing.

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Some original star wars action figure. I would go to eBay, put in star wars and sort from highest price to lowest.

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@La_chica (I’m a “she”)

I do care. It’s a complex issue, though, and I feel that you’re oversimplifying matters. If that was the case I would not be asking for input. I’ve been straight up with everyone on here. Thank you for your concern, however.

Back to the matter at hand! Dorkiness!

@Brome – Atari is an excellently dorky word that I should work in…
@Judi – Classic. I’ll check it out.

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(sorry, i’ didn’t realize. right after i pressed enter i thought, i wonder if that’s a “her”? no offense meant)

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(No offense taken. I actually chose this username so no one would form gender assumptions.)

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A rubber band gun?

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If you wanna know anything about 20 something year old dorky males. You’re in the right place.

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Star Wars Pez Collection.

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Autographed vintage copy of Playboy. Take your pick of naked celebrity.

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A vintage ninja turtle item might do the trick. Something from a 20 something’s childhood ;0)

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My 20 year old boyfriends wants a vintriliquist dummy… but he may be a little strange.

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less strange if he chooses ventriloquism as a hobby

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Pocket protector, soft dice hanging from car mirror, chattering walking teeth, Rubric cube, slide rule.

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Pink plastic flamingo, garden gnome.

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Slingshot Monkey, FTW!

(cool site, @Kevbo)

“I can’t believe you found that Slingshot Monkey! I’ve been searching for that for ages… Did you get it on ebay?”

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boba fett action figure from the power of the force edition that has 2 half circles on his hands vs. the single circle it normally had. worth some decent money

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“I can’t believe you found that Woodrow Wilson action figure! I’ve been searching for that for ages… Did you get it on ebay?”

I think that would be funny. :D

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV tray

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A couple of years ago my geeky sweety got me a Spirograph for Christmas from ebay. And it wasn’t one of those new-fangled ones with the stupid inner guide dinguses. It was the old red box Kenner one with the pins and all. :^>

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