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Have you ever met/known anyone whose first or last name began with the letter X?

Asked by JackAdams (6574points) October 10th, 2008

This is probably a silly question, but because such is likely rare (as I have been told), I just thought I’d ask.

I met a guy whose first name was Xander (he claimed), but I suspected that it was short for AleXander, and he never showed me (nor anyone else) his driver’s license to prove that, when someone in my crowd challenged him, but we still called him Xander, out of respect for his preference.

I once opened up my hometown telephone directory out of curiosity on that, and in my town of 100,000 people, only two family surnames were found that began with an X.

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Years ago a co-worker gave birth to a child and named him Xavier. That’s the only one.

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Good memory jogger!

I had forgotten all about The Happy Hooker!

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Usually just Asian folks with names like Xin, Xu, Xialong, etc.

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I know a couple Xavier’s and a Xander, but that’s it.

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I actually went to high school with a guy named Charles Xavier, like the X-Men.

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For those of you who knew (or know) someone named Xavier, please answer this follow-up question, if you don’t mind:

Which way was/is his name pronounced?

1. ZAH vee air

2. ex AY vee air (ay pronounced as in pay)

3. HA vee air

4. ZAY vee air


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I was going to snark about her being a “Xu specimen,” but I thought better of that, and decided that I wouldn’t.

So I won’t.

I’m sure that Stratman37 will, however, because he will see that I am refusing to engage in such a cheap display of humor.

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xina pronounced zena. like the princess warrior.

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Xothil (pronounced so-chee).

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I knew a guy online called Ximin, he was of Chinese origin or nationality I think UK resident though.

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I have a Chinese friend named Xiao (pronounced like the TOW in tower)

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Nobody’s mentioned Malcolm X yet?

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The Xavier I knew of was pronounced as your #2 example.

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I know a girl named Xiomara (pronounced “SEE-yo-MAH-rah”).

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I know a family with the last name Xedis, pronounced like exodus.

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Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little, and I don’t recall if he ever legally changed his surname to “X,” or not.

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Used to work with a Xavier – think that’s the only one I’ve known.

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My son’s name is Xander Atticus. :)

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I go to school with an Xavier (He pronounces his name EX-zay-vi-er) and I once knew a woman named Xi (pronounced ZEE).

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I have a secretary named Xhevka, pronounced like a J
I know a man named Xhevit who works as a mechanic

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I work at a hotel and give people guest registrations and ive seen just about every name there is (not really). I’ve seen Xochitl, Xavier(a), Xana, Xorriene (or something like that)
i can’t recall last names though there must be some
actaully my name is alex and people call me Xander but not as much anymore…

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Xavier was a mans man I once crushed on.

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