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How can I soften up my itchy 100% wool fall sweater?

Asked by chicadelplaya (2213points) October 12th, 2008

Greetings Fluther Family!! I hope October treats you all well!

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chica, if it’s itchy now, it’ll be itchy whatever you do. Wear a silky little something underneath. With long sleeves.

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Even silk may not protect from itchy wooly fingers. You may have to resort to cotton. I am scratching just thinking about it. Twelve years ago I took a vow; one new sweater a year and it would be cashmere. I have now reached satiation. They do last forever if taken care of.

(hi, susan.)

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I too have slowly been replacing bulky wools w/ (mmmmmm) cashmere. Watch for off season sales.
An additional benefit to the cashmere, aside from softness… warmth w/out the bulk.

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I agree @gail I’m itching just thinking about it. I say felt it and make a designer bag with it. scratch, scratch

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Or if you can find an old-fashioned seamstress, have her line the sweater, if you really love it.

However, check these out: $89.50 and dozens of colors; can be layered and washed in warm water and Woolite.

Land’s End Cashmere #s2,3,4, and 6: left to rght:

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Lands End and LLBean are my only sources of cashmere

I have a free shipping coupon code for Lands End if you need it :)

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Some people are sensitive to wool. If you are, there’s not much you can do with the wool—the problem is your skin, not the wool. Give the sweater to someone who isn’t sensitive, and get yourself some cashmere (which isn’t wool—it’s goat hair) or alpaca.

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Just stick to cotton. Pretty much any other fiber used in sweaters makes me itch. I haven’t yet tried cashmere…if angora makes me itch, do you think cashmere would?

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Look for Merino wool in garments.
100% non-itch; very soft, cheaper than cashmere or alpaca
Next time you need socks for your runners, try the merino wool, even Wal-Mart now carries them. Last longer than cotton, diffuse moisture (unlike cotton).

Most wool sensitivity is related to residual lanolin content which is much less than it used to be.

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@Aug; Have your loved ones collectively buy you one cashmere sweater in your favorite luscious color. It will not itch, unless you have unusually sensitive skin, will last for decades (I am wearing one purchased in 1986) and will transport you to new heights of sensuality.

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Thanks Gail, I do have very sensitive skin, but have always wanted to try it anyway. The cost has held me back, as I’d hate to spend all that money and not be able to wear it! I like your idea…it’s going on my Christmas list right away.

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Aug; My extensive research combined with my cheap-skate tendencies and high-waisted body have led me here; this’ this’ and this.

Terrific for layering also.

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Thanks again! (Lands End is my favorite place to shop, BTW)

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Try peach, celadon green and blackberry.

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