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Arkansas backpacking?

Asked by skabeep (927points) October 14th, 2008 from iPhone

anyone know some good spots to go backpacking in or around Arkansas that most people don’t know of?

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Just start at the Buffalo River. Rent a canoe. Watch out for chiggers.

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I’ve been to most of the state/national parks. I’m looking for something a little more off the map and less populated

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Thru Hiker’s Guide to America recommends the Ouachita Trail (225 miles) and the Ozark Highlands Trail (165 miles). Not sure about their relative obscurity, but the book claims fewer than 30 and 40 thru hikers for each trail respectively. Backpacker magazine readers once rated the OZT as the best trail in the US.

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I went camping up in some mountain type places right by Fifty-Nine, Arkansas. And yes that is the name of the town.
but, it was a really pretty place.

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I once visited some relatives in Arkansas. If I remember correctly, you can pretty much backpack through the whole state. Just be careful not to walk into peoples houses by mistake.
(I swear to this very day, I didn’t know it was somebody’s house!!!)

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There’s a lot of places around my home town of Heber Springs. Fifty Nine and the whole Mountain View area is really good as well. Most of all the “good” places are out near small towns where not many people go. You’ll defiantly want to bring a friend though because if something goes wrong, the chances of someone coming across you get slimmer the farther you go out. As far as Northern Arkansas goes, the secret is looking for a river or creek on the map. Any where near those will be great for hikes and beautiful views.

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yeah I love north Arkansas and my last few trips have been found like you say; just find a river. If you know some particularly good spots send me a message. I prefer places with noone else near. Unfortunately most of those are on private land and they are not much for having people there :(

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Look up the Eagle Rock loop. One of my fav hikes in the country. Serious. I’ve hiked a few different trails, in a few different states, which is an understatement, but it’s my fav.

About 27 miles, good weekend hike, scenic…it’s a hard hike though. Lots of up and down.

Best of luck, and I’ll see ya on the trail!

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