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Great camping spots near Austin Texas?

Asked by zophu (5691points) June 2nd, 2010

My two brothers and I are looking for a place to camp for a couple nights. We only have one small tent and we’re not exactly survivalists, so a couple of us will need to sleep in a car. We’re amateur (not even) campers, but we don’t want to be around a bunch of families on their summer vacations in some RV park. We’re looking for a place with fairly secluded sites that we can hike from without running into too many people. Any suggestions? Thanks.

-Near Austin (preferably North)
-Secluded Sites
-Vehicle Access
-Campfire Allowed
-Lots of Woodland Wilderness

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As hot as it gets in Austin, the best camping spot is a nice hotel.

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I have to admit, I don’t go camping. But how about McKinney Falls?

Or, uh, Hippie Hollow?

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@mrentropy hah. I didn’t know we had a nude beach around here.

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I guess the best way to find a good place to camp is to just go and check it out.

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@zophu For a long time, I didn’t either. It took a bunch of odd comments about Hippie Hollow before I looked it up to see what it was.

But, yeah, go for a trip and see what they look like. Couldn’t hurt.

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Can you really sleep in an OVEN like austin?? Not to mention fire ants.

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I’ve heard Lost Maples is nice and shouldn’t be as crowded, but I haven’t been. Enchanted Rock is nice and not crowded if you hike in, but car camping sites are probably pretty tightly packed.

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@mrentropy It could hurt. lol

@justin Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’ll just buy another small, cheap tent so we wont have to rely on the car.

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I went camping with my family near Austin a few years ago. The park was called Place Bend Park in Spicewood, TX…. This was our first time camping and we went “primitive” which was not a good idea. I do believe they give you options to how “primitive” you can go. The spot was very secluded.. Very wooded and we were on a high leveled area which we had to hike down to get to beach which was blue. The water was very clear and clean and you are able to boat and swim while looking at the bottom. It was deep too. You can have bonfires by the beach. But beware of tarantulas. This is also the spot in which we found our first pet tarantula. Dahmer was his name. Alright, have fun.

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Whatever you do… watch out for the guy with a HOOK FOR A HAND!

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@ruk_d thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely check that one out.

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@mrentropy you’re welcome.

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Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is awesome.

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Does it have to be north? West of Austin has some good spots. I like the Wimberly area.

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