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Where can I find hard-to-find posters?

Asked by sofia (148points) October 14th, 2008

I’m looking for a big poster of the cover of “Catch 22” designed by Paul Bacon, but haven’t had any luck. Anyone happen to know a place, either on the internet or an actual store (preferably in the Bay Area)?

Here is a link to the cover art:

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This might not help if you want a real poster of that cover. But you could try the Rasterbator and make your own from the image you have.

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@ Lovelocke: only if they have a poster of that book-cover design. Which they don’t.

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Where’s the “Wrong Answer” button when you need it?

This is a toughie.

@JP – Thanks for the link!

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I wish I knew what picture you were looking for- I have no idea if these sites are correct or not. Anyway, good luck in your search.

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^ sorry! I didn’t read your question well enough. As I look at the picture you have, I am thinking the new edition of the book might be too new to have a poster made yet- that is why all the Catch 22 posters available are the ones of the first edition.

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