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Does anyone know where I Can sell my posters?

Asked by polycinco (187points) February 28th, 2010

I am a graphic Design and I have designed some posters that I would like to sell but I don’t know if there’s a website that lets me do this? Does anyone know of a website?

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has anyone heard about fine art studios? are they reliable?

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Image Kind

I have used them many times and their work is excellent.

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I sell my artwork on this site.

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@Dog That’s just mean! (I don’t think your link does what you wanted it to)

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thank you everyone, I think i’m going to try redbubble (:

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check my artwork if you would like, my user name is the same one

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how much does redbubble get for the posters that I sell?

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@polycinco go through red bubbles FAQ, it will ground you in how it works. They have a base price for all they offer and you decide how much mark-up you want to put on each item.

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You can make an account on deviantART, then make a prints account, and sell them there.

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@Dog Maybe you meant this

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@YARNLADY Yes! That is it! Bad link! Thanks!

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