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Asked by jkainz (115points) October 15th, 2008 from iPhone

Can you send beat clock to ableton from logic while ableton is rewired to pro tools??

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…lol i dont think anyone is going to understand this question

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I would think you could; Re-Wire just patches the digital audio signal into ProTools, not the MTC sync. I haven’t had the need to lock Logic and Ableton but I’m sure it van be done. I’ll look up the manual and and see if anything turns up.

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btw-why are you using rewire for protools? What are you doing your sequencing in? What is the purpose of the set up? If you gibmve a little more explanation I could better understand what you’re going for.

P.S. Logic would have to be the master when going from logic -> live. Will not work the other way, thus the question.

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