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Is there a way to turn of election related questions in the topic window?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) October 15th, 2008

i wish there was, besides not living in the states, 20 questions a day about it get me a bit ticked off, i mean, sure it’s getting exciting, but enough is enough ! do others feel the same way ?

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I’m with ya!!

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I feel like Fluther is becoming the bastard child between “Jeopardy!” and CNN. We see that Sarah Palin is holding a baby in front of Wal-Mart, and in record time, someone’s Fluthering “What about Sarah Palin Holding a Baby In Front Of Wal-Mart?”

It’s sort of like a communal blog as opposed to a Q&A site in that regard. It’s like digg, except everyone gets their 2 minutes on top of the pile. Until someone else asks, ‘Do you agree that it’s time for McCain to lay off Bill Ayers??”

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These waves happen. Remember the stream of iPhone questions a few months ago? I wanted to do some serious damage then too. As is it said, this too shall pass…

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For a while we had one politics related question a day, it seemed, that everyone who wanted to talk about it gathered at and I really liked that. Um, then I lost it and assumed that we no longer had one big gathering point.

But until the election, to some extent, I think you’re stuck. It will back off about a week later—another reason to be happy for the election!

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Then there were the olympics questions (although strangely no questions about the para-olympics that I can remember).

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@EmpressPixie, I think that a “Want to talk Election 08? 10/15/2008” question each day could be a solution to this situation. It would just require for people to get on board and keep the discussion to that thread.

It would keep nonpolitical questions from being buried under ridiculously narrow topical discussion.

… I just typed “ridiculously narrow” so that i could post that picture.

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A question is just one sentence. If you don’t want to be in a political discussion why don’t you just pass over that question? There are plenty of questions that I pass on because I have no interest in them.

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I only see six for today out of more than a page full of questions.
Sorry if my two pushed you over the edge.

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@tonedef: Where’s that question about things that just made you laugh again?

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Perhaps because you don’t live in the states, you do not realize how much is at stake for this election. We have watched our once great country left in tatters in every way that matters by the last eight years of corrupt leadership. There IS nothing more important than this election right now and if it isn’t that important to you American citizens, shame on you. I believe it is cathartic to discuss it in an open forum and serves to allow people to have their voice be heard.
Why don’t you skip right over the political questions? I know there are plenty of questions that I ignore because I am simply not interested. Just because I don’t care about say…Apple Computers doesn’t mean that the people involved in the discussion need called out on it.
Here’s the deal, if you don’t like what’s on TV…change the channel.

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@judi: Right On.
If you don’t like the topic, just move on.

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@soap, the thing is, there’s like 20 mudsling questions, 20 what if’s, etc. etc. it’s hard picking out the normal questions with all the election stuff, if it where a question a day, sure i wouldn’t mind, but this is iphone all over :p

oh well, i’m sure it’ll pass, no one will be pleased, and this whole circus will start again in 3 years (that’s right, 3)

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