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McCain's cheek?

Asked by clairedete (331points) October 15th, 2008

Did anyone else notice how big his left cheek looked during the debate tonight?

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It’s where he stocks the lies he tells.

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Actually, it’s a scar from skin cancer.

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People should know that he has had recurrent malignant melanoma. That puts his mortality at 25% over the next 5 years. Independent of his age, those aren’t good odds.

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That’s were he keeps Palin when they are not letting her out.

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It does look more swollen than usual tonight. @Shilolo, would there be a reason for the swelling?

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I’ve noticed it before too.

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I don’t know. He had a radical neck dissection, which leaves him without lymph nodes on that side. It could be lymphedema on that side. I’m not sure.

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You’d think with all that surgery, he could have had a brain transplant at the same time. Would’ve saved a bundle.

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When he gets all hot and bothered all the blood pressure rushes there. As this happens the left cheek puffs up making him look bigger and stronger so that he can scare Obama off whose cheek is small in comparison. Don’t you people watch animal planet they talk about this stuff all the time?

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So, in doing more research on McCain’s condition, I haven’t been able to find information to substantiate my claim regarding McCain’s prognosis (that I heard discussed in the hospital amongst doctors). This article from the NYT in March attempts to dissect his condition and prognosis, but, since McCain has not released his own medical records, it is impossible to know. That said, 4 episodes of melanoma is not good, and I have seen many patients who thought they were cured return with brain metastases years later.

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@Shilolo, grateful for your research – and sharing it with us.

I’d rather just make fun… but it is also good to have some value on the truth.

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The Washington Post had an article a few weeks ago breaking it down and his prognosis according to them was like a 4% chance of doom. I was surprised but looking at it seemed legit. A quick search of their site should find it, I sadly am a bit tied on time, maybe when I get a few minutes. :)

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