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Is there a site keeping track of politian's promises?

Asked by kelly (1908points) October 16th, 2008

would be interesting to check a year from now on electioneering promises by local, state and federal office seekers. Is there a web site keeping track

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If there is a site such as that I am very sure the ones who is updating the page is having a sleepless nights and restless days..

Too many promises and too many are broken… what the use ?

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Kelly, that site would be genius.

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Here you go, a site called track the Promises of Politicians.

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Here’s another one, only it’s limited to Obama

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OMG. I wish we had such a website. We could have kept track of the broken promises Reagan made, that Bush Sr. made, that Clinton made, and that Bushyboy made. My gawd. We need such a site, for all the politicians.

Unfurtunately, it will never really happen. Politicians are notorious for making promises then not following through. They definitely do not want that exposed. So, unless there is a political reason, like the one dedicated to Obama, it is an idea that is Dead On Arrival.

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