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Can somebody please explain Trump to me?

Asked by 01101101 (252points) July 22nd, 2016

Hi, I’m not American and I don’t live in America. I’ve been seeing Trump around the news and other media for so long. I’ve also seen some of his talks and I’ve observed he’s somehow ignorant… and so stupid… (I’m sorry) but so many people vote for him and I think he’s winning. Just watching him talk about nonsense makes me cringe and worry about America. Why would people vote for him? I don’t understand. Please explain him to me.

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I’m afraid no explanation will suffice. And this being the case, you are fully justified in your fear for America.

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@RedDeerGuy1 A lot of us Americans don’t understand either. haha
He is a farcical presidential character and blatantly unqualified and that’s erring on the side of diplomacy. I have no idea how people are buying this buffoons buffoonery, but they are, in droves, like Wildebeast stampeding over a cliff. It defies all explanation.

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He speaks to ignorant people’s worst fears and says he can cure everything that causes our problems. His followers want desperately to believe what he says is true. It’s like wanting to believe in magic.

I heard one follower say she doesn’t care if he lies, because it’s a well known fact that ALL politicians lie.

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He is a loser. The only people that will vote for him are rednecks. There is no guarantee he will win anything. No one really knew Obama till towards the end of the election campain, he came out of nowhere.

Trump is a loud mouth idiot feeding on the insecurities of rednecks in America. Those same rednecks he will crush because he will seek to just make life easier for the rich. Which billionaire politician is going to take from the rich and give to the poor ?? Please.

He is also a hypocrite. He hates immigrants but yet his current and past wives were immigrants. Was not his first wife a 1st generation russian immigrant and now his second wife from Slovenia. Also the last time I studied history, everyone in present day America is descended from an immigrant. Wasn’t America built by immigrants from poor Europe ? Weren’t the origninal inhabitants Indians. Whatever !!. Why is it that all of a sudden because your family has arrived and are settled, immigration should stop. He is a rude egotistical freak.

If he wins it will be the beginning of the end of the America. He doesn’t realise he is fueling hatred of Americans by simply opening his mouth. Only in America someone like that would be allowed to speak on national television and run for president. Because in America everything is about money. If you want to run for president you have to have money because campaigning costs millions of dollars. Unfortunately because of this , many people that are really capable of running America will never make it to the White House.

Can you not see how much this world is changing? The UK is falling apart and very soon it will be America because these countries are being run by idiots. Great Empires never last forever. Rome was one back in the days of Jesus and it crashed.

I am just watching.

The crazy fanatical terrorists are watching too. Trump is bad for America. He is attracting terrorists. The fact that he actually got the Republican votes shows you how sad America is as a country.

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You have hit bull’s more explanation needed..)

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He is running against Hillary and not Sanders, he was too spiritual for the masses.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Trump is too spiritual? Really? The guy is a bafoon and he has no religious background.

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He’s a narcissistic sociopath who thinks he knows all of the answers better than any American before him. Secretly, he probably thinks he’s the second coming of Jesus. No telling what will go wrong if he’s our next president and everyone should be worried.

How many times he proclaimed last night during his speech, randomly, that there would be law and order (without saying how) had me genuinely freaked out. He’d just throw it into his speech at various points, vehemently. Our police are already becoming militarized, so it makes me wonder what he would provide them with. It reminded me of other dictator speeches I’ve listened to where the speakers go out of their way to convince the audience that being ruled by an iron fist is the best thing for them.

I’ve been saying this entire time that I can’t and won’t vote for Clinton, but I’m starting to wobble a little.

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Huffington Post, an liberal online news service, puts the following disclaimer on every one of their Trump articles. And I could not describe him better.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.

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He is clueless and his supporters seem to hope his redneck plan to build a multi-billion dollar wall will return the USA to 1850’s !

Oh he has a habit of making up answers 95% of the time, some people call it it lying.

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“Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.”

@DrasticDreamer Please, please, please vote for Clinton. She is the most experienced, qualified person for the job. Consider what she has been through, participating or present at an unknowable number of government events, a mother and grandmother, withstanding being married to a womanizer. She is very intelligent, and deeply cares about the nation.

Much of the opposition statements about her have been proven untrue or misleading.

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Sadly, @chinchin31, Trump’s appeal reaches not only rednecks and ignorant people. That’s way too much of a simplification.

One of my oldest and dearest friends—we grew up together—- is a well educated, highly successful accountant who shares most of my liberal views but is voting for Trump because he hates Clinton so. I’ve chosen not to debate him. I don’t want to risk losing a lifelong friend and contact with his lovely, well educated family.

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This is a recital, verbatim, from an email I received this morning from someone I know.

Watched the Trump speech at the convention last night. It was amazing!
I really like him and he isn’t going to put up with any politics and he respects the constitution.
I think he will be a good, hardworking President that will represent the people.”

“He is also really focusing on lower income families. I was so impressed. He showed the softer side of himself too, he is funny and a normal guy. Watch his speech on youtube, it gave me goosebumps.”

Yep, your email gave me goosebumps too. lol
I have not replied, and I won’t be. I am surrounded by this insanity, but that’s okay, I just smile and nod and keep my mouth shut.

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@Coloma OOOOOO, that’s scary.

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Yes, I know. :-(

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I think that Trump’s popularity is due in part by the fact that so many people dislike Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps people think like me that the U.S.A. is screwed no matter who is elected President. And I’ve had ENOUGH of Hillary Clinton.

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Americans have always elected the sleaziest candidate they could find. It’s a very close race this time.

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No need to apologize. Trump definitely appears to be ignorant and stupid… or at least, the role he plays seems that way. He is an actor, though. As Ronald Reagan established and others since have made ever more clear, the role of President of the United States is often largely one of a political performer who just has to read speeches and pretend to be our president.

In Trump’s case, he has not even been in politics before.

The popular television news media in the United States has been bought by essentially the same large media corporation, which is essentially owned by the same corporate groups that lobby and control large parts of our government. This television media offers entertaining and distracting stories to keep the people distracted and entertained and to sell them products and shape their opinions, and to distract them as a whole from paying attention to how the media and the government is basically controlled by the very wealthy, for the very wealthy.

Trump is interesting because we don’t really know exactly who he is or what he’s doing or why in this campaign of his, but it is different from others in that he, without any political or government experience, and without regard for offending many people, or even for not contradicting himself and frequently not making much sense, has defeated all of the Republican Party’s actual politician candidates (even though they were also all pretty awful in a variety of ways, too). Trump wasn’t even really particularly a Republican before running, but by being entertaining and shocking and headstrong and by appealing to voters’ anger about various issues and their dissatisfaction with establishment candidates, has become the Republican Party nominee.

Now, due to our embarrassingly-bad two-party-dominated binary voting system, that’s significant because there is so much conventional agreement that only a Democrat or a Republican can win the presidential election, even though there are more independent voters than belong to either party.

Many people in the USA either don’t pay a lot of real attention to politics, and/or get much of their information from the corporate media (which is mainly entertainment and misleading information). So… well, that’s an attempt to give something of a picture of what generally is not said by the media. Hopefully it makes a little more sense now.

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I still hold with The Donald does Not want to be President. He would get a UUUGE rush out of winning, however -Impeachment proceedings would begin as soon as he says : “I Will.”
He says and does outrageous things to see how far he can push it- and make the GOP Leader’s eyes roll back in their heads. He will not follow gov laws and duties- and has said so! He’s having a ball screwing with all. Republicans too!
He did successfully get the scary-assed masses of separatists, fringe radicals, survivalists and Sasquatch hunters registered to vote- which will now aid Homeland Security.
But honestly- Do not try to understand Trump’s pendulum platform. No. Don’t bother. Wasted energy.
However, his V-P choice : Mike Pence is who would step up into the office of President upon Trump’s exit. Talk about one scary-assed far right zealot! This man is a one- man political hot mess for the US. THAT is the snake to watch.
Oh, yeah- guess who would step up to be Armageddon’s Spawn as the monkey-move-up’s VP would be? ( but Only on weekdays 9–5, nor any weekends- he doesn’t ‘do’ weekends away from the homestead!) Why Speaker of the House- Paul Ryan!
Alka Seltzer, please.
Unfortunately, 01101101, everything and everyone is up in the air as far as this whole new system of campaigning for the offices of President and Vice- President. The circus this election has become is one for the history books. I think you are stuck with the rest of us…we have no earthly idea of what or whom the future brings into US politics. We, however are wearing our seatbelts!
Stay tuned!

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@chyna Trump is too spiritual? Really?
I was speaking of Sanders.

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@RocketGuy The several major Trump supporters I know are all well off republicans that drive Audis and Mercedes and also are militant right to bear arms types. One is in IT and makes well over 150k a year and the other has several businesses and a scholarly husband that studies abroad part of the year. All have at least BA degrees and are, on the surface, quite intelligent appearing. haha

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@Coloma – maybe they can’t stand the thought of a woman in charge.

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@RocketGuy I have read that the one, biggest thing, Trump supporters have in common is an authoritarian personality style. They want a big, bad, daddy figure to take charge and believe Trumps wolfish huffing and puffing is the answer. Just wait til daddy Trump gets home!

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I can, finally, explain Donald Trump to you. I had a revelation during my morning shower.

You know how, when you have the TV on, the attention of everything in the room is drawn to the commercials?
Babies, cats, dogs…even birds?
To those bright, snappy, simple bits of mindless entertainment promoting a product?

Consider life a mind-numbing documentary on the History Channel and Donald Trump saying he can do it.

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[Update] Trump is POTUS, that is it, and that is all. There is not much more to explain now.

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YUP and somewhere about 160,000 will be dead at the end of his first term from getting rid of ACA.

Pollution will run rampant, and UN-TAXED corporate profit will be paid out to the CEO and officers of the company and only to them.

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In case you are still looking for an answer, let me try a defense of the President.

First of all, I do not disagree with mist of the answers above. However, if you notice, they all pertain to his personality and/or his statements. None about his achievements.

I did not vote for Trump in 2016, and have lately become bored by his speeches. However, I do intend to vote for him in November. He is hated by the Establishment and that, to me, is a strong recommendation for him. He does things very differently than the Establishment (which includes most media) is used to. They cannot stand it!

And I love it.

Which other President can you think of that would say to China: You shall deal with us fairly, or not at all.

Which other President can you think of that would build the much-needed Wall? If you are wondering why we need a physical barrier in this day and age, I invite you to read our asylum laws. If an illegal immigrant gets one foot on US soil, s/he has the right to a court appearance!

Which other President can you think of that would say to our allies “Pay up!”

Which other President can you think of that would say to the Palestinians: “Enough already”? Note the six-day war ended more than fifty years ago.

Which other President can you think of that would say to the Middle East nations: “We are moving our embassy to Jerusalem” and proceed to do it?

I could go on for ever, but I think you catch my drift.

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So @crazyguy, where is this wall that you speak of?
Also, you forgot to name a few other things:
Which other president has 20 women saying he molested them?
Which other president makes fun of disabled persons?
Which other president called a worldwide pandemic a hoax?
Which other president vows not to leave peacefully if he loses the election?
I could go on forever, but I think you catch my drift.

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@chyna I guess you did not read the beginning of my post, where I stated that I agree with most of the answers above. Then I went on to say that they all pertain to his personality and/or statements, not about his achievements.

The points you made also pertain to his personality or what he says. The only exception is that 20 women say he molested them. I do not recall the precise number but I am certain you have a source for what you are claiming. Now recall that three or four women also claimed that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them; with one of them calling him a serial rapist. So be careful with that stuff.

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and more illegals come by plane than by crossing our S border, so why not concentrate on the biggest contributor to get the biggest bang for the buck?

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@RocketGuy I agree 100%. We should address visa overstays also. I think Trump is going first for the low-hanging fruit. In my opinion, the solution to visa overstays has to involve some sort of electronic monitoring, but that may require Congressional action.

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The assumption that character is irrelevant in our President is more than a dangerous precedent for the future of our country. And when it comes to character flaws, Trump is without question the low water mark in the history of the country. The very spectacle of him undermines everything all of us have been taught to both practice and respect our entire lives. The very idea that a man with the integrity of sewage should be rewarded with the Presidency of the United States remains a proposition too rough for me to swallow, as well it should for those of you who would prefer your children not mistake the fool for their role model. What DO you tell your kids when they ask you about the duplicitous idiot?

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And certainly character is not the only flaw he and his enablers have. One could debate what his accomplishments have been since more families have been separated, children are in cages, the famed useless wall is only a mile or so done and falling down already, our standing in the world is at an all time low, the peace in the Middle East is basically a right wing business deal that has not solved the Palestinian issue, overt racism is on the rise, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention the highest death rate in the world from Covid.

I’ll take my answer offline and unread.

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You tell em birdie!

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@stanleybmanly You think Trump has the “integrity of sewage”, not I, and certainly not the deplorables. When I discuss Trump with my grand-children who unfortunately are brainwashed by their parents who believe what you do, I emphasize the achievements of Trump as President. To me that is far, far more important. On the extremely rare occasions that my kids butt in, I just shut up. You cannot preach to the incorrigible!

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@janbb Three of Trump’s accomplishments that you knock are related to illegal immigration through our southern border.

The two others you mention are matters of opinion: “our standing in the world is at an all time low”. Even if that were true, I would say: Naturally. We are not the world’s piggy bank any more. And the world hates that.

The Middle East peace agreements do not involve the Palestinians. That is correct. However, it is also correct that previous administrations have been hammering the Palestinians for over fifty years now with nothing to show for it. Perhaps we’ll get some movement from them now.

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@crazyguy The US reputation is at an all-time low with other countries. We are a laughing matter.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Whenever Sugar Daddy wises up, and stops being as generous, he becomes disliked; that dislike can be expressed as derisive laughter and/or a grudging respect. Given your predisposition, I am not surprised that you see derisive laughter.

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The whole world views the fool as little more than a tasteless practical joke.

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@stanleybmanly I guess a few of us here, who are obviously not part of “the whole world” differ from you. Please be careful with the width of your paintbrush.

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Gotta narrow the brush to: most people outside the US.

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@crazyguy I’m guessing that you don’t read the news coming out of different countries. The US tends to be covered, and it hasn’t been in a positive light since Trump became president. He has been nothing short of rude to our allies. He has buddied up to our foes. At first, I thought this might be his way to convert their thought process, but even if that was the case, it has done no good. His words and actions have been shameful, and the world gets it, other than some Americans who still support him.

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@RocketGuy I would be ok with “most people in the whole world” rather than “the whole world”.

@Pied_Pfeffer Our “allies” insist on short-changing us. For decades, they were able to get away with it. But “the new sheriff” in town will not allow that to continue. Of course he is despised for his stance.

@ragingloli The Germans have reached the lowest fear index since the Second World War; but their primary fear is not covid-19, but Donald Trump. Why does that not surprise me? After all, Trump is the person requiring the Germans to dig deeper in Theo=ir pockets to pay for their own defense.

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See, when drumpf said he would pull colonial troops from Germany, the general feeling among Germans was “good riddance, bye bye yankees”.

No the real reasons are these:

- His unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran
– His unilateral withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords.
– His trade wars waged against allies.
– His threat of sanctions agains Germany over the Nord Stream piplelines
– His unqualified lapdog Grenell actively supporting far right extremists in Europe.
– generally treating democratic countries like enemies, while treating dictators and autocrats like best friends.
– Assassinating an Iranian General and almost starting WW3
– His complete and utter failure to handle the coronavirus outbreak in the colonies, the consequences of which will impact the rest of the world.

Here is why your argument excuse about “the colonies paying for the world’s defence” is complete and utter bollocks.
You maintain a military presence all over the globe not to “protect” other countries.
You do it to project and maintain your imperial haegemony across the world for the sole benefit of your military and economic interests.
Drumpf is just mad, because he wants the vassals to pay more tribute to Rome.

As a final nail in the coffin of your fantasies, if it really was about “paying more for defence”,
the Colonies would not have threatened the EU with retaliation, when the latter laid plans to create a European Army, which would exclude colonial military companies from participating in defence projects

And they would not have thrown a hissy fit over the Galileo, the EU alternative to GPS.

Again, it is all to serve colonial economic and military interests. Any claims of philantropy are simply a cracking mask to hide the colonies’ hideous Fratze.

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@ragingloli You claim that the only reason we have troops in Germany is “to project and maintain your imperial haegemony across the world for the sole benefit of your military and economic interests.” Well, I have news for you. Militaries have also benefited from technological advancements. You no longer need troops to project your power.

Also, if the Germans do not want our troops, all they have to do is to request us to leave.

Withdrawals from the silly Iran deal and he Paris climate accord were no-brainers. If you don’t believe me read the US commitments made to the Paris Treaty, and compare it to say India’s and China’s “commitments”. I have.

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