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Is there anyone else here who is a fan of Tim Minchin and his irreverent humour?

Asked by Critter38 (2464points) October 17th, 2008

He’s a fellow Aussie and I was curious if he’s made it yet elsewhere, like the U.S.. If you feel like a laugh, check this out (not for the easily offended).

By the way, some of this is from ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I can only assume that there is not way you could get away with such lines on U.S. television.


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He grew on me, like a tumour.

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Hadn’t heard of him before.
Liked the teaching the cockatoos to fly in formation part.

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Why does this question sound like an ad?

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It probably does. But I guess we all “advertise” things which we enjoy and think others will enjoy too. Especially as some of the things this guy sings about cover topics frequently discussed here.

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I’m from California – that’s in the US of A for those who are geographically-challenged. :-)

I just discovered Tim via Reddit, and did a search for him to find out more, which led me to here, among other places (including his website, which has some good material).

I think he’s very funny, and very talented. I may even buy his DVD (which was rated at 9.5 out of 10 on IMDB, by the way). I don’t know if it would be nearly as good simply listening to him on audio-only; his facial expressions, etc, seem so important, too.

Sorry for all the parentheses – I have a cold.

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Sorry for all the parentheses – I have a cold?
Such a bizarre correlation, that I had to give you lurve for it.

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Nimis – thanks. Probably because I’m a Monty Python fan, and that’s something like one of their old acts, where Cleese and Chapman are playing two old ladies watching the Telly, and one suddenly yells “Burma” out of the blue; the other asks why he yelled Burma, and he said “I panicked”.

Uh, oh, have I made another bizarre correlation?

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I am, I think my friend was singing one of his songs one day and then showed me who he was.

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I just found him from reading this question. I am now a big fan of his irreverent humor. Er, I mean humour.

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