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What are some synonyms for "best of all"?

Asked by Rockefeller (24points) October 17th, 2008

…like in the phrase, “best of all, we offer…”

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Best of all is superfluous. The word is best. (good, better, best)
Synonyms for best can be found here:

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I was asking what you would recommend instead of using “best of all”...any suggestions?

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The greatest thing is we offer…

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Sorry, our best, our finest, our most efficient (or other appropriate descriptor)

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gives one synonym for “best of all.”

1: Sense of best of all.

(You were complaining about being modded. For starters, be more courteous and do your own Googling, please.)

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- And not only that, ....

- Even better,...

- But wait! There’s more! Not only will we send you the super whippy spinky bink for ONLY $19.95, but if you call in the next ten minutes, ....

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I actually did my own googling, gailcalled. and I couldn’t find anything that worked. I was just wondering if I missed something, geesh.

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Well you should actually give us the full sentence and probably we can work out better from there.

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Thanks for your input everyone!

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I actually just decided to re-work the whole sentence. Thanks though, everyone. I really appreciate it. And I apologize for offending people with my not-so-good googling abilities.

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The best of all is that we have a new member who can say “I’m sorry.” Welcome.

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“Now how much would you pay?”

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