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In England, does the pilot sit on the right side of the cockpit?

Asked by sferik (6121points) October 18th, 2008

On US domestic flights, the pilot sits on the left and the first officer (copilot) sits to his or her right.

On flights departing from countries with left-hand traffic (like England, Australia, or Japan), does the captain sit on the right side of the cockpit?

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In fixed wing aircraft the captain sits on left and first officer on right. In a helicopter, the captain sits on the right hand seat…I’m sure scones or tea are involved in England though :-)

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There are two people of course that fly the plane so it doesn’t matter.

@googlybear: please don’t make fun of England like that. I’m British and that is quite offensive

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Nothing wrong with a proper currant scone and clotted cream, regardless of the altitude. :)

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Please stop there…just please

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Scones and tea are offensive? Should we call them the “s” word and “t” word? :)

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@Comedian; check this out; re British weather, which two of the all-time great English Humorists treat as a huge joke.. And perhaps you should change your user name.

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(Michael Flanders and Donald Swann; At the Drop of a Hat, At the Drop of Another Hat).

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You lot are making fun of it. Whatever…I’m not going to get into it because you won’t change your mind

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No more than all the American pilots who wear chaps and six-shooters, chew on old stogies, and ride horses to the departure gate.

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@Dave: You mean they don’t? I haven’t flown in a while.

@Comedian; What “it” are we making fun of?

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I find it offensive that tea is a British stereotype. Guess where tea comes from?


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I don’t think it would matter, seeing as how there’s usually two people in the cockpit.

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