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^^This link provides the monthly interest debt for FY2008; the low is $19B for the month of September ‘08, the high so far (June ‘08) posted $110B. The total for the year (October ‘07 – September ‘08) is $451,154,049,950.63.

Divided by 365 days, that averages out to be ~$1,236,038,493.02 per day (over $1.2B per day).

Over $51M per hour
Over $858,000.00 per minute

my head hurts now

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To put sndfreQ’s data into a more personal perspective, there were 138M taxpayers in 2007, so that means each taxpayer’s share is : $8.96/day.

The amount is actually higher because the taxpayer population, for some reason, includes some people who pay nothing?

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And Chris you may be interested to know your part of the national debt is closing in on $34,000

Will you be paying with cash or credit card?

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I’ll just take out an ARM to pay for my share…

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