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Is Apple coming out with another iPhone update anytime soon?

Asked by cdwccrn (3610points) October 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Heard a rumor. Would love to see a flash player in an update? Anyone know any details?

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Their always working on updates and I believe Adobe has been working on flash for the iPhone. Not sure about the date or what the update will include but there should be one within the next month or two.

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I don’t think that flash will be included in the next iPhone update. Apple doesn’t like flash, and wouldn’t do anything spectacular to get it on the phone. Plus, they would have to make an exception to the core architecture of the software (no app add-ons). Opening this hole for one would require them to open it for all – not something apple wants to do.

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it’s a shame because alot of web site require flash player to open.

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1. Flash will just make the browser more bulky and bring crappy ads. If you think about it it really won’t be that great.

2. Adobe is working on a Flash Flash for the iPhone which, once completed, will only need aproval from Apple. It’s not exectly a plug-in since it goes to Apple and then out to everyone as a feature that comes with the update.

It won’t be in the next update but sooner or later apple will have to give in and support some variation of Flash.

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I really don’t think it will ever be on the phone. Apple has made it clear that they don’t approve of the system. It would be a major battery hog, and in most cases, it would be irrelevant. Most information can be found on the internet without ever needing flash! Case in point, people have survived thus far without rioting over the lack of flash. What makes you think it would appear any time soon?

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Apple is always updating the iPhone firmware, normal one comes out every 2 or 3 months now. Which is always a good thing, but dont expect to see Flash any time soon. It would effectively allow other developers to by-pass the App Store rules, as i doubt flash content would be monitored.

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Yeah I really think the iPhone is great the way it is. Also the features on webpages that do require Flash usually are pretty useless and uncomfortable to use on the iPhone. Also I’ve heard allot of people say Adobe has finished Flash for the iPhone and is waiting Apple approval. Let’s see.

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What I really want in an update is the ability to delete single text messages instead of entire conversations.

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