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What are the new iPhone updates?

Asked by stevosenn (6points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Bug fixes according to Apple. Don’t expect new features.

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not much, just an exchange thing for IMAP, and some “Bug Fixes”. in more detail: the framework looks the same (same number of bytes). The UIKit has changed slightly, 2687236 vs 2687140.

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I spotted a change, when you are in your ipod, and switch to coverflow it fades as opposed to just switching. that is new.

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tuaw reports that the multi-touch problems with keyboard strokes are fixed. I have not tested the new features myself.

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@xacrox-if you’re talking about 1.1.4, the fade feature for cover flow was also there in 1.1.3

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The alt keyboard is stripped down when you enter web addresses in Safari.

Downloads seem a lot faster.

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Safari tabs retain their page preview.

Unknown Bluetooth fixes.

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A few bug fixes, no new features. But at 162MB (the size of the update image), the majority is undocumented. Most people believe the iPhone’s half of the SDK is already live.

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