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How do you get rid of your headaches?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) October 20th, 2008

I get frequent headaches, and find that headache medicine rarely does the trick on the first try. I also get migraines, but how do you get rid of your run of the mill headaches?

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smooth jazz
fresh air
warm bath
good red wine

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Have you ever watched the movie 40 year old virgin? One of my favorite lines is from Cal here Take three excedrin PMs and…...the greatest part is you always win :-) Works for me….

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Usually a combination if things works best for me. Usually taking advil, napping, avoiding bright light, massaging my temples and putting a cool washcloth over my forehead/eyes work pretty well. Also drinking enough water and making sure not to skip meals helps me to prevent minor headaches. I think a big thing is figuring out if there’s anything in particular that triggers your headaches.
Good luck! I feel your pain; I go through cycles where I seem to get tension headaches and migraines a lot.

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Take 2 tables of panadol and go to bed is what i usually do.

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Acetaminophen, Caffeine, Aspirin.

See also: Excedrin.

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Advil. Migraines are helped by black coffee and Altoids. For me. no joke.

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There are things you can do for headache relief. Start by using an aromatherapy eye pillow. It’s great for treating sinus and tension headaches, stress and anxiety issues as well as insomnia and sleep disorders. What I have to found to work best for me is an eye pillow, right out of the freezer. I use a peppermint scented one because it opens up my sinuses and that helps me to breathe a lot better and helps any sinus or tension related headaches. The cold flax seed inside the eye pillow surrounds my eyes and temples, the weight of the flax seed applies just enough acupressure to soothe and relax my facial muscles. The eye pillow also block out all light, when the pain is so bad it just makes you squint you eyes.

I searched online and found several sites that had them. The one I decided to go with was A Touch Of Satin. I liked them because their ingredients were organic, and that was important to me. They had an unbelievably large selection of patterns and I like the feel of satin on my skin. They also had a page on their site that talked about the benefits of their aromatherapy scents. They also had lavender and that is suppose to be good for migraines. It was very interesting. If you want to check them out, their website is Well, I hope this helps you. Let me know what you think. Good luck!

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I had headaches in my early 20’s. They went away when I had my wisdom teeth removed.

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I usually take Tylenol but if I don’t have any left, I take a long hot shower and just stand under it. I also figured out that caffeine brought my headaches on so no more coffee for me and I’m ok with it.

Got any magnets laying around? An alternative method would be to try putting one or two on the part of your head that hurts the most. I did this with refrigerator magnets when I went thru labor with my kids until the hospital told me to put them away. :-) Yes, it eased the pains.

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What? Magnets? Does tylenol really work too?

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Excedrin works so well, and super fast. I love it.

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It depends on what kind of headaches you have. I used to get migraines and if I didn’t medicate at the very first twinge I just had to suffer through it, close the door with a cold rag, turn off all lights and any noise and cry and throw up. Most people I know who get migraines have to medicate at the first twinge of pain or don’t bother at all, luckily migraines usually start in the same spot.
If you get regular headaches quite often there is nothing better than Excedrin because of the caffeine. But unless you have unruly stress in your life this is not natural. I would first start by getting your eyes checked as this is the major cause of frequent headaches. Another major physiological cause for frequent headaches is a misalignment of your spine. If you do decide to go to a chiropractor, do you research and never let them adjust anything without first taking an x-ray. Good chiropractors will have a x-ray machine right in their office. Finally, if all else fails, go to the doctor for a chem workup. It could be just as simple as having a vitamin deficiency in potassium or magnesium.
For a homeopathic cure mix 3 drops of lavender with 2 drops of peppermint in 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil and rub into your temples. This usually works pretty well but not as well as the Excedrin.

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I love excedrine because the caffeine really helps to constrict any dilated blood vessels and it works fast. It works best for me. yay for excedrine!

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Two glasses of not too cold water, has never failed me.

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Yes. As Violet said, Excedrin for Migraines works very well. But it contains Aspirin, which some people can’t take. Also, be careful with anything that contains Acetaminophen as it can have unpleasant side effects if you take too much or mix it with other types of analgesics (pain relievers).

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