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Lo! What new star in Fluther's firmament shines? Please welcome johnpowell to the 10K Pantheon! OK, on "3", everybody start punching...

Asked by Harp (19179points) October 21st, 2008
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crotch abuse?! :s

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yeah, well, that references a distinctively johnpowell style… “catharsis” I guess would be the word. Can anyone else supply a relevant link?

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you guys are nerds

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If I thought johnpowell cared about this number, I just might congratulate him.

But he doesn’t. So I won’t.

. . .

Awwwww… who am I kiddin’? You the man, @jp! Keep being the badass we all know and lurve, muchacho!

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Nice work, @jp. You’re true blue.

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You’re like a father to us now, jp. Without a doubt.

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much love jp!

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johnpowelle is all things to all people.

times 10,000.

But I think there is a cream for it.


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Wow! Great job John. Congrats! Here’s a beer. Hope dad doesn’t mind. ;)

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CELEBRATION TIME !! Break out the Pabst

theres the link harp heh

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Welcome to the 10,000 Club John Powell! Congratulations on 10,000 brilliant posts!

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(Punch!) Congrats!!!

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heh, @SuperMouse… johnpowell has only posted around 2,376 quips and 66 questions. But I’m sure they all were indeed brilliant!

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Bravo! ==D ☜

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This is starting to become an epidemic! Congratulations on joining a very exclusive club.
Now, onward to 20k.

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Thanks for all of the great thoughtful answers as well as the smart a** ones too. I always enjoy hearing your opinions. You have a great wit, an a wicked sense of humor. Keep on keepin on. Peace out rock on! May the bird of paradise fly up your nose. May the wind be always at your back, and the sun shine on your path.

That’s it, I’m out of cheesy sayings. Thanks again!

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Hey, it’s only a matter of time before his number becomes so huge that it breaks the layout of Fluther. We’re right behind you jp!

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Congrats JP!! Well deserved – now who said anger can’t be constructive….??

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Can’t type….. keyboard wet…..tears of joy!

Now that there are three members of the 10K club, maybe you all should “get together”...?

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@shilolo: A get together, where they decide what to do with us?

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Way to go, JP! Time to celebrate. Have some Taco Bell and beer. =)

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@richard I meant 10,000 brilliant words! That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

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I do recall JP saying that he’d give half his lurve to anyone who’d bring him a burrito. Apparently, no one took him up on it

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mmm hard to top iwa’s post up there ^, buttttt Congratulations!!!!! You owe me a burrito, because I supplied a good amount of that lurve there :P. Many here don’t know, but getting 10K lurve has been JP’s dream for over a year now. He has struggled a lot and trained hard. But it has finally paid off ! i feel the need to add a “just kidding” here in case anyone actually takes me seriously Thanks for all the helpful answers, and also the smart ass ones that have literally made me LOL .

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Let’s have a mass crotch- punching celebration for this impressive feat!

Yeah JP!!!!

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I’m wearing a cup!

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@jp, thanks for downloading an entire fps game, just to show me where the quit button was. You’re awesome.

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Congrats. Save some PBR for me.

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@lefteh: You can have ginger ale for a few more years.

Congratulations JP. This is where we cut to the montage of you typing all those great answers set to some “you-can-do-it” rock song.

I’ll spare myself the dick-punching, however.

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Party Pooper.

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Alright, lefteh can get sloshed, and ouch!, I just punched my dick.

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@jp – Rock on!

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We should make a montage video of all JP’s drinking/ typing/ burrito eating and play to the rocky theme song.

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10K, and all from a remote location! Good job.

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Delivered from the womb of evil unto Fluther greatness.
Congrats, JohnPowell!

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Wow!! That’s a lot of good advise, feedback, opinions, talk, and reflection. Great work!

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Wooooooo well done JP! I think I already voted for a dick punch on your birthday so I’ll spare you today.
Thanks for being Fluther’s favourite. You rock!

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Wow, @shrubbery! johnpowell really has had a positive effect on you, eh?

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jp is a Yank. Spell that “favorite”, dammit!

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Congradumilations! May your wisdom continue for another 10000 lurve! Now, about this crotch punching…

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Hahaha. That’s me celebrating just for him :P

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This Pabst’s for you JP! =) Congrats!

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You’re the wind beneath my wings, jp. Congrats!

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Congrats, man! You’re now a Fluther rockstar.

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Congratulations, JP! You’re already a tenth of the way to 100,000 lurve!

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@JohnPowell, do you think you will survive the punching if when you make it to 100,000?

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Damn, one of the dick punchers might have played in Eugene the day before my birthday and I didn’t notice. Well, the heartwarming comments left in this thread come close to making up for that. Thanks for the kind comments. Now I am going to go to Burrito Boy and get a burrito.


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@johnpowell, for you.

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^^ Aww, so cute.

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I bow down before your greatness, and offer you a dick punch and a PBR.

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One dick punch for every lurve score, yes? so someone needs 10,017 punches.

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@PnL: I’m looking forward to drinking the wine produced from what will be left of those grapes.

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10,000? wow. I guess I’ll punch my boobs in celebration!

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Keep going JP!!! Someday we will be able to cash our lurve!—by the way, are you John Powell, the composer?

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Way to go jp!! Congrats

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@flameboi :: Not me

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@johnpowell I used your name generator and I am the only one of me in the country. I am unique!!

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I’m one of ten. That’s less than I though there would be.

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I’m one of two! The other Ezra Glenn is a professor of architecture/urban planning at MIT!

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I’m one of Zero!

How’s that work…

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Im one of a kind bitchessssss

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I am one of 343. And I’ve been getting the email of at least 74 of them.

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<< Just noticed the “sibling” Qs. What does that say about JohnPowell?

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Aug: That’s awesome.

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@augustlan, buwahahahaha! Nice catch.

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Oh, I wanted you to sign a couple of cd’s :)
By the way, interesting link!

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“There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named….” – gotta love the grammar in that!

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If there is one or fewer of me in the States, and one or more of me in Canada, then how many of me are there?

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@augustlan :: nice catch.. I can’t stop laughing.

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Ryan, ilu. Congratulations!

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