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Do you believe in curses? Do you think others can cause misfortune to others by 'cursing' them?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) October 21st, 2008

If prayer groups work; do ‘curse’ groups work?
Did you ever wish for something bad to happen to someone?

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I believe it is one of the classic “Mind of Matter” things. If you believe you are cursed, you will be. If you believe you can be curse, then you can, if you don’t then you can’t.
I personally believe I can be cursed, it is the only explanation as to why my family sucks so bad.
Although you can argue that if enough people believe in something, then it will happen. So I guess under that theory, if you got enough people together to “curse” someone else, it could work. But I would suppose the hate manifested would have to be greater then what the individual believed.

As for the second part of your answer: Yes. I have a hate in me, for two people on this planet, so great, I would kill them onsite. Wether it was before the eyes of a cop, or in an abandoned field, were no one could hear them BEG ME for mercy. So I guess that constitutes “wishing something bad would happen to someone.”

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I absolutely believe that you can curse someone—even a skeptic—by telling them they are cursed and maybe letting them watch you curse them. Of course, it is best to ensure they have a few small instances of bad luck after that. Once you get that ball rolling, it will build and build as they convince themselves they are cursed.

I don’t really believe in the power of prayer so much as the power of good will and encouragement. And yes, the opposite is true. If everyone at every turn says, “Oh, we’re really hoping you’ll fail” for a lot of people, that’s going to work.

Finally, of course I’ve wished for something bad to happen to someone. I didn’t magically skip puberty or middle school. But I wouldn’t say that my wishing it has ever caused it.

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@jtvoar16 I agree with 1/2 of your answer. I think you have pointed out some exellent points and most of which also lead to the Law of Attraction. Look it up. The mind is very powerful and can make thoughts become later on into things. A “curse” does not exist. If you did try to curse someone nothing would happen. Even if you got “the best” to try and do it. Then instead if you told the target you have “cursed” them and happen to get them to believe you it will actually happen if they truly believe this.

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I believe that putting out energy can effect changes so I guess so.

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I don’t believe that either one works.

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I agree with Empress. I recognize the placebo effect of prayer and cursing, but don’t think either act works the way people say they do.

Personally, I haven’t hated someone enough to want to cause them harm. Usually, when I’m mad, I just want them to understand why I’m mad and make things right. The worst I’ve ever desired for someone is public humiliation. Come to think of it, that’s pretty harsh…

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On one hand, does prayer really work? I never got that damn pony.

On the other hand, you cannot underestimate the power of the human psyche.

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I read a study that showed that a greater percentage of people who were ill actually got worse, rather than better, when others prayed for them.

In this way, prayer itself can be a curse, as long as people know they’re being prayed about.

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I would think about the likelihood that the curse and the ill will you are attempting to engender is likely to redound to your detriment.

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You said it, Marina! Like Will Smith said: hate in your heart will consume you, too!

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Depends on how impressionable the prayee or cursee is?

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Yes, I think it’s all about how much the person beleives in the curse…or prayer group thing. The mind is such an amazing thing…positive or willfull thinking does wonders.

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Depends on the person. Mentally strong people… who knows?
But the grey masses? Yeah.
Once read this story where this group of thousands pick one awful person and wish him dead. They inform him, and he dies.
I mean, I would probably die if thousands wished I were dead.

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