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Which National Park would you go to in June for great hiking and scenic views?

Asked by jstern (6points) November 14th, 2006
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yellowstone is beautiful but prolly too crowded - glacier is amazing, but be prepared for chilly weather - grand teton is wonderful! lots of flowers and great hikes - redwood is good - yosemite is always a favorite - but i think the absolute best are the southern utah bunch: zion, bryce, arches, grand staircase - you can hit them all in a couple of days, and i also recommend kodachrome (state park) which is nestled in between zion & bryce i think.
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glacier national park. done and done
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The Olympics. They are the heat.
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Yeah, my vote is for the Utah cluster of Bryce, Zion, and Arches--totally beautiful, amazing vistas, and clearest skies in the country.
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Thanks everybody for your ideas. We will follow the suggestions!
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I went to Olympic Nat'l Park last May/June. there's still some snow way up to top, but the temps all around are just fine... not too cold.. and it's cool to drive up to snow and not be freezing at night down below. there you've also got opportunities to visit victoria, vancouver, seattle, and Deception Pass State Park in WA.... we spent about a week and while a little rushed, we had a great time. Definitely Scenic.. and incredible hiking.. if you have any specific questions, email me:
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My favorite-Rocky Mountain Natl Pk in Colorado
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The Olympics, or anywhere in the Columbia Gorge
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Olympic National Park is a great choice (having grown up nearby), but I think Glacier National Park is the most stunning of any in the lower 48.

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Mt Rainier National Park is another good choice that I love. With 300 miles of hiking trails, you have a lot of choices. While there is still a lot of snow in June, many trails are open. June lets you avoid the crowds of July and August, and some early wildflowers are even blooming. Waterfalls, lakes, mountains, the scenery is indescribably great. I found a great blog on one guy’s June hiking experience there.
Look for information next month on a kayaking experience in a Mexican National Park on BoomVoyage.

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