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Why can I still smell orange in a bottle that I have washed 10x?

Asked by orangy (13points) October 22nd, 2008

I thought glass was impervious to liquids/smells. I have a glass beverage bottle used for an orange soda that I have repurposed for filtered water. No matter how many times I have washed it by hand or in the machine the water smells like orange. It does not bother me, I was just wondering why the smell lingers?

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Citrus is stubborn.

But really, glass can’t be impervious, things are bumpy when you get real close, and I imagine scents are real small. You get really bumpy and really small together and they get to be really good friends.

There is no real science in my answer.

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Give bleach a shot.

Bleach is simply amazing. Just ask any CSI.

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I would love to know as well . it is intriguing.

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The smell is due to the oily substances in orange.
Is the top (bottle closure) plastic? If so, ridding the smell from the plastic is difficult.
For the bottle try a dilute solution of lye (sodium hydroxide), let it soak for a day or so and then scrub vigorously.
Lye is extremely caustic and can cause severe burns if handled improperly, but safe handling will be problem free.

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Jars that had salsa in them retain the odor for a long time, also. What does “repurposed” mean. Is that a new verb? Is “to purpose” a verb?

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u mean by neutralising the acid using alkaline?

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you don’t happen to be using a dish soap with an added citrus scent do you?

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@mea05key: “u mean by neutralising the acid using alkaline?”
Not neutralize, hydroxide solutions will saponify the oil (ie combine with the residiual oil in order to allow it to wash out.

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