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Question about the medical field.

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) October 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

my wife recently came from Pakistan,she’s full blooded afghan and knows 3 languages including English.she needs to get a GED or something similar to a highschool degree(which I am currently looking up near my area,if you have any suggestions feel free.)she wants to be a doctor but we never really gave It thought,I know it’s pretty hard,and that going to med school in the Bahamas are really cheap but I just wanted to know the whole plan in achieving test status MD in the USA.sorry if you can’t understad the question.

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So, you are skipping one giant step, which is college. People don’t go straight into medical school from high school (though I know something like this is done in other countries where college level courses are combined with medical courses). If she is smart, and does well at a good college while majoring in a scientific discipline (like biology, chemistry, physics, math, biochemistry, molecular biology), then she should be able to get into medical school. Realize though that med school admissions are extremely competitive. Many people are turned away who want to go to medical school. And, it is no easy road, with long days and nights, hard classes, and enormous financial sacrifice (at least in the beginning).

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Let her pass the GED; then she can probably can get accepted to one of the nine New Jersey public
Colleges and Universities

Many of the school on the list ^^ have evening classes for adults who have jobs.

After that, she should follow Dr. Shilolo’s advice.

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I would take it one step at a time.

Encourage her to get her GED. Being multi-lingual w/ an interest in the medical field she might consider working in a major metropolitan hospital. She could work in an area of interest to her, earning money at that job and potentially as a translator while getting her GED. College or university is next and then medical school.

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