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what's the best/easiest way to remove wallpaper?

Asked by torianus (2points) August 17th, 2007
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I've avoided the steam method and used commercial wallpaper remover and it works well. You used a specific tool for scoring the paper so that you don't damage the drywall underneath. The secret is to be patient - when it says to wait 20 minutes, give it time (you can spray water on top to keep it wet if it dries out too quickly).

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I've removed much and many layers of old wall paper in my 108-year-old house. Wallpaper remover does work well, but it can get expensive. I would score the paper with a "toothed" tool, whose name I can't remember; then spray water on the paper profusely. syz is correct. You must be patient. If you try to scrape it off and it doesn't come off easily, spray on more water. Just keep spraying and letting it soak in and it should scrape off easily!! Good luck!

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